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How do I apply Reshade to Rockstar Editor?

  • I making an ENB showcase for my YouTube channel. I recorded my clips with the Reshade on with Rockstar Editor but when I exported the file and looked at it in Sony Vegas, the ReShade wasnt applied :/ Anyone have any ideas?

  • @bur587 Don't export the videos via Rockstar Editor. It reduces the quality massively. Use something like Bandicam or ShadowPlay. Then you'll be able to record them with ENB and Reshade.
    Edit: That's just my opinion, you do what you think is the best. I don't know any way to export videos with Reshade.

  • @Akila_Reigns Ah, ok thanks. I didnt know that!!!

  • @bur587 I don't know about exporting with Reshade, but I do know it reduces the quality of my videos massively. Even with 4K res with 4× MSAA and Supersampling.

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