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Car ADD-ONs issue

  • Hello. Most of my installed Car ADD-ONs don't show up in-game. I've tried both ENT and AddonSpawner but neither found the cars that are missing. I've followed the README's closely, hence I have working car add-ons.

    I've noticed that most car add-ons do not have entries for the "extratitleupdatedata" file. Even so, I have one car add-on that works with just the entry for the "dlclist" file. I also have add-on cars that have the entries for both files and don't work. For some I've even deduced the entry for the "extratitleupdatedata" file, but to no avail.

    I've tried both searching manually via the indicated names from the README files of each mode and searching the cars one by one inside the trainers, but still just 4 cars appear from a list of 13 cars.

    I've tried both adding the dlc folders inside the mod folder of OpenIV and directly inside the vanilla folders.

    Any ideas?

  • Try menyoo bro, thats what i use to spawn my cars. I dont even have to edit the extratitleupdate file. I just add the dlclist file and the cars automatically pop up in the menyoo spawner

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