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Why Carona Begone Not Working

  • Hi I used Carona Begone! + car.headlights.global.HeadlightIntensityMult 1.0 but still showing corona, I don't want it, I only want LED lighting
    v1.0.1868/1.50 Online

  • HELP :cry:


    @Sayed96Ahmed Mods don't work online.

  • @Reyser :
    i do not play online
    Video link to clarify my problem
    The problem of lighting decreases and increases when the signals

    link video

  • @Sayed96Ahmed
    Not sure, but here's a few ideas to get you started.

    Your corona's look fine, don't think it's directly related to that, looks more like an adaptation issue or something.

    P.R.S.A ENB:
    If you have P.R.S.A installed, that might be the cause (heard of somewhat similar darkening issues with that anyway).

    Check your adaptation settings in 'visualsettings.dat':


    compare them to these vanilla values & edit any that are massively different:

    # Adaptation
    Adaptation.min.step.size 	0.15
    Adaptation.max.step.size 	3.0
    Adaptation.step.size.mult 	1.5
    Adaptation.threshold 		0.0
    Adaptation.sun.exposure.tweak	-2

    Also, check your ENB adaptation settings & compare to these default values:



    Disable ENB entirely ('Shift+F12' by default, but can vary per custom settings) to rule it out quickly or try disabling 'EnableAdaptation=' in the '[EFFECT]' section of 'enbseries.ini' & then test for the issue in-game etc:


    If none of that helps, provide us with a bit more info.

    • Does it happen all the time or only at night/certain times etc?
    • Does it affect all vehicles or just some?
    • Is it just indicators that do it, or are headlights or any other light sources doing the same/similar?
    • What mods or scripts do you have installed that affect lighting etc?
    • Any other variables you can think of, the more info the better :thumbsup:

  • Banned

    @Sayed96Ahmed Can you define what you think a corona is and point to it in the picture? Because I don't see any corona's at all.

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