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Add-On Cars not Spawning

  • Hello everybody,

    I'm new to modding GTA V (hell I'm new to playing GTA V on PC). I downloaded the E300 4matic mod by ahmeda1999 (I would post a link but the spam filter flagged it) and installed it as an add-on car according to the instructions.

    I copied the entire folder with the car model/textures using OpenIV to: mods\update\x64\dlcpacks
    I added the line to the dlclist.xml in: update\update.rpf\common\data

    I tried to spawn it using add-on spawner and RAGEplugin but it says invalid model for both.

    I also downloaded the heap adjuster, packfile limit adjuster and an updated gameconfig to see if that fixed the problem. No luck.

    I think I'm missing something/doing something wrong but I don't know what...

    Any help will be greatly appreciated!

    Game Version: 1.0.1868.4.4 (Epic Games version)

    Other Mods installed:

    • LSPDFR
    • EUP
    • Ultimate Backup
    • Various Skins/Uniforms

    Also, this the bottom of my dlclist. I think I added the line correctly right? (Again, I would post a screenshot but it



    I tried using both forward and backward slashes but that didn't fix the problem.

  • Well I fixed it. Turns out, I needed to edit the dlclist in the mods folder, not the original one. The instructions that came with the car told me to edit the original one.

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