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Error menyoo asi Help me!!

  • Hello everyone ! I have a big problem when i press stock rims in menyoo the menyoo as a error id 34/35.
    I installed the JDM Rims pack and sn00ky 89 wheels pack. I have the latest version of script hook and menyoo. My game is buyed from the rockstar games social club and is updated to the last version. I try all solution and I do not know what to do.
    Please help me.
    Ps sorry for my english

  • If you have installed multiple add on dlc in your game, check that your issue is not similar as this one :

  • The probelm is similar i have a crash when i select the "stock rims" from menyoo... What is the possible solution of my problem?? I have installed "pack file limited adjuster", "heap adjuster" and a gameconfig modified... My folder is 6.52 GB

    I tried the solution written in the link by lowering the size of the RPF archive but he crash

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