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I wish we could change the leg position in sports cars.

  • Because it always looks weird when the driver's legs are so high up, and it also clips through the steering wheel.

  • I wish you could too.

  • Is there any way you can? I mean, in Garry's Mod (a Source Engine game) there was a thing where you could manipulate bones. Is there any equivalent to that in GTA?

  • I honestly need this as well. Using custom made camera settings for some of my addon cars spesifically made for my addon ped. I lowered the camera height right above the steering wheel and moved the camera back just a tiny bit in front of the neck so the neck is not visible. It looks very nicey I must say, gives it a very relaxed and also more realistic driving style but yeah, then the legs :(

    Because of my camera settings the legs are too visible and clipping is seen too much in some cars. Very happy though it doesn't clip in my favorite cars at least.

  • @Aurora11 I know. It just looks ridiculous.

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