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How can I increase draw distance of ymaps?

  • To be able to see them from afar, and not when close by.

  • @Vampnos
    Depends on how they were created & formatted.
    If they were created by Map Editor & then converted to '.ymap' using Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter then just increase the 'lodDist value':

    <lodDist value="1000" />

    There will likely be a performance hit when increasing 'lodDist value=' for multiple props.

    If it's a proper '.ymap' try increasing the area of the 'streamingExtentsMin/Max' (usually at the top of the '.ymap' file) in the relevant '###_lod.ymap' ('bh1_lod.ymap' etc)


      <streamingExtentsMin x="-16330.21000000" y="-15394.04000000" z="-14956.81000000"/>
      <streamingExtentsMax x="13881.06000000" y="14886.83000000" z="15091.35000000"/>

    If there is no '_lod.ymap', try the same with the normal '.ymap', but there might also be a performance hit doing it that way (presume so, never tested, all my custom '.ymap's have lods).
    If the 'streamingExtentsMin/Max' don't work for some reason, try increasing the area of the 'entitiesExtentsMin' also.

    That's the basics anyway, you should be able to suss it out from that :thumbsup:
    Any issues/questions give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • Thank you very much!

  • @a63nt-5m1th Question mah boi! You're fucking amazing at map stuff btw!

    I'm currently working on trying to extend the LOD for Cayo Perrico, but am having some trouble. I've tried going into each slod file and manually modifying the first lodDist value within the ymap, but for some reason, I just can't seem to increase the overall stream distance of the map.

    I then took to extending the range of:
    streamingExtentsMin and
    streamingExtentsMax of all of my main slods to
    50k in each x y value, but no luck!

    Am I missing somehting? Should I be extending ALL loddists within the ymap? Would love your bright mind as input!

  • @Wetter42
    I'm not sure exactly, Cayo Perico doesn't appear in CodeWalker for me, so I'm unable to check the files :thinking:.

  • Ghatchu (if you're down to try it...)

    Download the Cayo Perrico map, install it into your mods folder, and once done, open code walker, and enable mods and dlc. It'll be right past the default location of the aircraft carrier.

    My problem is that I've moved it like far; (like out to the -20k range and its not visible until about 5k meters, when I'd really want to view it from Los santos airport / the tower, ya know?

  • That is..IF you're open to trying new things! We can try it out together if ud like!

  • @Wetter42
    What cayo perico map exactly?

  • There's a couple. The one I've used was off of fivem:

    Here's one from GTA V:

    Cayo Perrico is the latest island mod dlc from R*. Players have been able to import the map files into the game. This serves as another island to explore and fly to with its own runway, hangar, boat port, and few other anemities including a cartel style mansion overlooking a cliffside. Pretty dope (has strange collisions tho, like da trees).

  • But like I said, this is IF you wanna try it. Not angry or anything if you don't want to / don't have time!

  • @Wetter42
    Nah, I probably won't install it.
    Given it's a 3rd party mod, all bets are off, you'd be better off talking to the mod author about it.
    As I'm not sure exactly what he/she might have done to get it to work etc.

    Given what I know about the vanilla Cayo Perico map. I'd say you will be stuck with a set maximum LOD distance (unless fixable by script etc). The Los Santos you can see from the Cayo Perico map is just a basic texture, Los Santos is not actually there. This generally means at some point the game loads the map in as you get closer to it, that load in point/distance is what you would probably have to edit (& I don't know of any way to do that).

  • @a63nt-5m1th Gootcha. Yeah, I was able to load it right next to the GTA V map, the problem is that the LOD for that particular (ymap / ydr) doesn't seem to move past a certain point.

    Now, I do have this saame problem with the vanilla GTA V map where the render distance on that straight disappears from view after a certain amount of time. Fair warning, I disabled the map boundaries so I'm flying out 10k - 20k meters away from the island, but it breaks immersion when the textures despawn like that.

    Do you think it's the same scenario where shit won't load unless your x-meters close, or something?

    Im gonna have to do some file-research to find out what that would even be called if you'er unsure... :(

  • @Wetter42
    There are many props in the game that have a viewable distance limit. I thought the game was just broken in those places, or there is an unknown/hidden limit built into certain areas of the game.
    There is certainly no way to edit it in the game files anyway & looks hardcoded (or just broken) to me. Past a certain distance, these props (especially certain ones around the edges of the City area) no longer follow the rules & find their max viewable lod limit fixed at a certain point depending on what direction you approach from.

    All I know is that I was able to increase the maximum viewable distance of those certain props only by increasing the 'settings.xml' '<MaxLodScale' & now running:

        <MaxLodScale value="3.000000" />

    You'll probably need someone who can reverse engineer gtav code to have a look at it. See if an alternative method could be scripted for it. That, or wait until someone recreates the map using another method etc.

  • @a63nt-5m1th GOT it. Hey man, I really appreciate your time and input. Yeah, it's reaaaaly strange. LOL. I'll see if I can find the name I may just get lucky. If I do, I'll come back. If not, assume I died trying ;)

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