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How can I increase draw distance of ymaps?

  • To be able to see them from afar, and not when close by.

  • @Vampnos
    Depends on how they were created & formatted.
    If they were created by Map Editor & then converted to '.ymap' using Map Editor & Menyoo to YMap Converter then just increase the 'lodDist value':

    <lodDist value="1000" />

    There will likely be a performance hit when increasing 'lodDist value=' for multiple props.

    If it's a proper '.ymap' try increasing the area of the 'streamingExtentsMin/Max' (usually at the top of the '.ymap' file) in the relevant '###_lod.ymap' ('bh1_lod.ymap' etc)


      <streamingExtentsMin x="-16330.21000000" y="-15394.04000000" z="-14956.81000000"/>
      <streamingExtentsMax x="13881.06000000" y="14886.83000000" z="15091.35000000"/>

    If there is no '_lod.ymap', try the same with the normal '.ymap', but there might also be a performance hit doing it that way (presume so, never tested, all my custom '.ymap's have lods).
    If the 'streamingExtentsMin/Max' don't work for some reason, try increasing the area of the 'entitiesExtentsMin' also.

    That's the basics anyway, you should be able to suss it out from that :thumbsup:
    Any issues/questions give me a shout :thumbsup:

  • Thank you very much!

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