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GTA V Story Mode Police Cruisers, Sheriff Cruisers Can't Move

  • Whenever there's a police car that spawns chasing some car, that police mobile can't move. I mean, you know when you're in a car and you press W and S at the same time? that's what happens to that specific police cruiser which is weird. I hope somebody can help.

  • I remember having this bug before... I forgot what the hell it was that caused it. Do you have Enhanced Native Trainer?

  • @mrwallace888 nah, only simple trainer

  • Check what you have enabled. It might be that you have Everyone Ignores Player on. This is the option that triggers this effect.

  • @Algonquin1234 THAT'S what it was. Yeah, make sure you have that off.

  • @Algonquin1234 that wasn't the solution sorry.

    btw, I replaced the crusaders in game with humvees then the same thing happened: the natural spawning crusaders are now trying to move but they can't lol (again, just like when you are in a car then you press w and s at the same time). thoughts about that? I really think that what happened to the police vehicles in the game are related to this because I also tried to replace the police cars back then but decided to bring 'em back.

  • @ravenvanesss
    Just going by this post here, but allegedly there is:

    "another setting in Simple Trainer similar to cops ignore, but in the Spawn Bodyguard/Ped menu."

    Check that too & make sure it is off.

    If that doesn't help, I would probably move to trying to identify where the problem resides in your game.

    Do these one at a time:

    • Test you game with a renamed 'scripts' folder (rename to 'scripts removed' etc)
    • Test you game with a renamed 'mods' folder (rename to 'mods removed' etc)
    • If the two above do nothing, test your game with the OpenIV plugins uninstalled (OpenIV > Tools tab > ASI Manager > Uninstall all of them). Reinstall them after obvs.

    For the third test, you'll have no Trainer etc to use (game should be vanilla).

    Let us know which, if any of them, make a difference :thumbsup:

  • @ravenvanesss I had this bug with World of Variety installed. Try uninstalling it and have a look again. I'm not exactly sure which thing causes this issue though, might be combattasks.ymt .

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