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Beware August 11th!

  • Just a note for my fellow modders, 'R' is doing a small update on the 11th. It will apparently involve some content with the super yacht and some new vehicles like (I hope) watercraft, more cars and a couple new open wheel racers. That and new heists involving the Casino. You can see more on 'R's site announcement. Of course that means anyone who tries to play single player while linked to the 'net is going to get locked out until the latest compatible version of Scripthook V comes out. 'R's' new launcher is a PIA and will immediately start to update if you're online and it will not allow you back into the game until it finishes downloading and installing the update. So from the 11th until SHV gets updated 'Play Offline'.

  • I still have the gta v launcher bypass. Downloaded before it was unpublished. That with Steam set to not auto update will prevent the update. There's other ways to get around it as well.

  • Protip: Praise Israel and download Mr. Goldberg's RGSC emulator if you want to free your GTA from the clutches of Kikestar. No updates, no forced DRM bullshit and it makes your GTA 100% portable. It does break GTA:O though, but I don't give two shits about GTAO anyways because MAWDZ :^)

    Or just use the Launcher Bypass if you want to play GTAO.

    EDIT: It makes RGSC completely obsolete which means it makes your GTA V 100% portable, no registry keys 'n shit needed.

  • @Rstein Thank you for the protip. Unfortunately i play on the DVD retail version.
    Are you aware of any similar method existing for non steam users ?

    Neither the gta v Launcher bypass.asi nor the No_GTAVLauncher.exe are working on my side (i posted my issue in this thread if anybody is willing to help).

  • @Coppa_Calypse I'm on the RGSC version with Goldberg's emulator and Launcher Bypass and it works fine, hell Rstein is driving around the countryside as we speak:
    alt text

    Fun fact: with that emulator you can have multiple instances of GTA V open. I could do so much autistic shit with a setup like that :^)

  • Or just back-up your GTAV.exe and other files(not hard and it's on this forum somewhere, just search) and you'll be fine. That's what many of us do and when an update hits, we just roll back one version and keep playing story mode with mode just fine. I have several GTAV folders as well. One for story mode, one for LSPDFR, one for FiveM, and one for vanilla GTAV in order to play GTAO without getting banned for modding since all of my mods are singleplayer only and in a different folder. No bypass needed, even with DVD since the file structure is the same for both it and Steam other than where it's stored on your hard drive.

  • Banned

    @Rstein I can confirm that running multiple instances is possible with a custom launcher. As for testing modding this is more than valuable for saving time with restarts. I'm curious if this new version will break any gameconfigs?

  • @Rstein That's awesome. I wasn't aware that such a thing existed. I couldn't care less about playing GTAO so this is right in my lane.

  • I was playing fine yesterday and all of a sudden I got this message to download the launcher when I launched the game later that night. I haven't updated my game in ages and have been using GTAVLauncherBypass (which is removed now) because I don't play online and am using a mods folder. I don't get it? I've never had to update my game or anything? Usually when launching the GTA5.exe it would load the game and load into social club just fine.

  • @Rstein Oi so I searched and don't find this emulator on Google. Can you direct me to it?

  • @Anonymoused281
    Going back to previous version does not work because the problem this time is that the game forces to download the RG-Launcher.
    Same issue for me. Totally old GTA5 and all of the sudden the game forces downloading the f***ing launcher...
    Nothing helped yet and I´m pretty good in getting things running....

  • @darkblue
    Rockstar were like "I bet people are playing Gta at home during this pandemic with all their fancy mods to help them escape all this crap... fuck em"

  • I haven't been able to play my older saved games since the last update earlier this year when they suddenly started crashing moments after I start them. I think the problem may be a Social Club issue but I'm just not sure. It worked great for two years using the latest version of No_GTAVLauncher, then one day it suddenly started crashing no matter which saved game I load into my Grand Theft Auto V folder. I don't know why it won't work anymore and can't seem to get anyone who can help me. I have terabytes upon terabytes of older saved games on my home server but can't play nary a one of them because they suddenly stopped loading. Not sure if it's related to the "The Social Club failed to load due to an incomplete installation (code 16)" issue or from something else but if anyone knows I'd sure appreciate a remedy because I'm seriously stuck :disappointed:

  • @littlefilms
    Yeah, it´s like: We do great games but we are like little children when modders are making our great games even better. That´s not fair. Screw them!

  • @RanditoCarlito
    you can try reinstall the RGSC, maybe it will work for you.

  • Since I play with the retail version, I've noticed the 'new launcher' is very aggressive and unbending when it comes to updating. Once the connection online to 'R' is made, even if you stop your computer, shut off the power instantly, etc., etc., then try to restart the game offline in story mode, no dice! The game wants to download the latest version and will remain unusable until you do. Of course, when you give in you'll have to wait days or weeks for Scripthook to be updated to access the game. The old 'Launcher Bypass' stopped working for me way back during the 'NASCAR' style update. So the only thing I've seen 'work' so far is to stay 'disconnected' when playing story mode. Back before the new launcher, you could go 5 days w/out being online, then turn your system clock back to the last day of that grace period (while offline) and you could play indefinitely. I haven't been able to see if that works with the new launcher yet because I kept getting caught off guard with updates. I'm up to speed now and will see what the results are this go around.

  • @InfiniteQuestion I have no idea regarding gameconfigs, i'm still on 1.48 and I likely will be forever. (unless R* releases a Ingot VD90R Custom or some shit then i'll consider starting over)

  • @iammistahwolf Same here... retail version, and the NASCAR update is precisely when my problem occurred. Wouldn't doubt if it's the same problem. From that moment my old games suddenly ceased to work and I've not been able to play them since. I've tried reinstalling/updating the bypass launcher (No_GTAVLauncher), reinstalling various elements associated with it, and nothing's worked. It's probably something really simple but I'm out of ideas and sadly no one seems to be able to say with any certainty what to do so I guess we're just out of commission. It works fine for YEARS and then suddenly just POOF... gone - UNBELIEVABLE :anguished:

  • @RanditoCarlito ikr, Ive been using GTAVLauncherBypass for years and havent updated my game though last night as I loaded the game I was given the prompt to download the latest launcher which I did, but now it wants to update my game which I either have to now, but that's like 30gb worth of crap I don't need, just to play my own game. Rockstar ya cunt!

  • @RanditoCarlito fuckin hell I even fell asleep and had a dream it worked, then I woke up XD

  • @iammistahwolf said in Beware August 11th!:

    /.../ I haven't been able to see if that works with the new launcher yet because I kept getting caught off guard with updates. I'm up to speed now and will see what the results are this go around.

    I tried this. Could not get it to work.

  • @R3QQ It worked for me but only after i delete all the files in My Documents/Rockstar Games and Programs/Rockstar Games and replaced them with the backup files i had copied before updating.

    I figured out that Rockstar has updated some files linked to the social club. there are slight differences in size between the 1868 and the 2060 social club files.

  • @Coppa_Calypse
    woah how did you get it to work dude?

  • I think what is causing the issue are these 2 files:
    socialclub.dll (size before update: 5084ko, new size: 5106ko) and SocialClubHelper.exe (previous size : 2555ko, new size : 2561ko)

    @littlefilms So first i made a backup of all the files located here :
    C:\Program Files\Rockstar Games
    C:\SAVE\YOUR COMPUTER NAME\Documents\Rockstar Games

    • Then i have installed the Rockstar Game launcher.
    • Then i have launched the vanilla game not modded.
    • Then i have disabled my internet connection.
    • Then i have downgraded the game to its previous version (reinstall of all .exeS and update.rpf)
    • Then i have gone in the above mentionned folders and replaced everything with the backup files.

    It works but i can only play with Internet Connection disabled. I do not know yet if @iammistahwolf method works or not :

    @iammistahwolf said in Beware August 11th!:
    you could go 5 days w/out being online, then turn your system clock back to the last day of that grace period (while offline) and you could play indefinitely.

    But in any case as @Rstein method (thanks a million to you!) works on my side, i'm not even sure i will update this game ever again.

  • Wanna hear some crazy shit? Today I got it working. What I did? Don´t know exactly...
    I downloaded the Launcher and reverted my Social Club Version back to
    (and of course my game version to 10.000 BC)
    Then started with NoGTAVLauncher with disconnected internet. Worked.
    But I guess it´s only a matter of time until it asks for verification of the files again. I Think I got lucky today but tomorrow it will be fucked up again I guess....

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