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Beware August 11th!

  • @darkblue Got mine working too using the method you used, though like you, I'm not sure how long it'll last but at least it IS working... for the moment anyway. This whole issue is a Social Club problem and this sorry ass program has been the absolute worst thing Rockstar ever incorporated into the game.

  • Sure wish I would have read this thread fifteen minutes ago. Any ideas for those of us who use the Steam version? How long do new versions of SHVDN usually take?

  • I tried the different methods here and I have the EGS version. Unfortunately I had to turn to the dark arts and download a different version thats completely offline. I didn't think R* would have more updates but I don't want to mess with this fiasco again.

    Thankfully I had a backup of my EGS at v. 1868.4. Was able to copy my asi's, mods and script folder without any noticeable performance loss vs my EGS. I'm back to playing, developing and testing - until the official update to shv releases.

  • So this easy and fast method works for me with the EGS version (showcase of fixes for Steam and EGS):

    EDIT: Script Hook is updated.

  • So, as I write this I am currently playing the offline version. The 'old method' of starting it up offline after putting the last date you signed in online or the last day you could play offline without signing in works. 'Note'- you absolutely cannot go online while doing this method. Make sure to turn your system clock back to normal time 'after' you finish playing or you won't be able to get online because all your certificates will be invalid. So I'll be using this until the main trainers get updated. This is the 'retail version'. I have no idea if it will work with Steam or the downloaded version from 'R'....

  • @iammistahwolf
    What is not working for you with the new script hook?

    Edit: Oh, ofc. Must be .Net mods you're talking about.

  • @R3QQ , Yes, I'm waiting 'til Simple Trainer and Menyoo get updated. Plus I wanted to see if the old method worked again. It's good to know it does since 'R' says there'll be another major update in December. Not to mention I need to clean up my mods folder as I inadvertently jacked up some world items when cleaning up ymaps for a couple pending builds.

  • @iammistahwolf I see.
    Simple Trainer is a C++ .asi mod though. Essentially all .asi mods which worked before the update should work again now when the script hook is updated. ENT is also .asi.
    I've got .asi mods not updated since 2015 working just fine.

  • @R3QQ , I'm waiting for the updated content to go in.

  • @R3QQ Same, i'm using a GTA: Knight Rider version from October 2015 because they fucked up the Turbo Boost in the latest version.

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