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Suggested Install List + Order

  • I'm primarily looking for a list of the basic mods I'll need to get me going and in what order as I'm tired of trying to do it blind and crashing frequently. I'll list what I'm interested in and if you could do your best to tell me what I'll need to make it run smoothly for the most part I'd really appreciate it (things like Scripthook, Heapadjusting...etc).

    I'm really only interested in basic mods and things for Franklin. I'd like to be able to change Franklin's skin/hair/tattoos as well as use modded clothes and shoes I see posted here so often, although I've noticed like 75% of the clothes I install have fucked up textures in-game like it didn't load properly. I'd like a trainer, Euphoria physics, police mod to make them not as annoying such as RDE, Enter All Interiors and that's really all I care about for the main things unless you have some more suggestions.

    If you could help me come up with a mod list/order for that I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance for anyone that can help!

    e: Also I have read the quick guide pinned but it's a bit dated at this point so just wanting things to be up-to-date.

  • scripthook is really good!

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