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gta 5 sideway of duplicating data

  • Can I do not duplicate gta data by copying everything to mods folder and not get banned if I will never enter online?
    Or mb I can keep only modded gta version and delete the original one? I just don't want to give 180GB disk space for that purpose.
    Any solutions appreciated!

  • @bloodberg
    Just so you know, you don't need to duplicate every '.rpf' archive into the 'mods' folder, only the ones you have modded in some way. That might save you a bit of space on it's own :thumbsup:.
    Compare your 'mods' folder '.rpf's to vanilla ones (use file sizes & dates) & remove any identical to vanilla ones from the 'mods' folder & see what space you can save.

  • @a63nt-5m1th My mods folder is half the size of the game folder itself. Too many unmodded files that I don't know if I can delete from the mods folder. Last time I tried to remove unmodded files I began getting corrupted file errors.

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