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mods in mods folder not working

  • Game updated anyway despite having gtavlauncherbypass but fortunately I made a back up yesterday. Restored the exes and update.rpf but now it's as I wrote in the title. Script mods are still very functional, so it's not a problem with the update or SHV being incompatible. Very strange. Help?

  • Mods don't work since it's a different version of the game. A new ScripthookV.dll is needed for mods to work. Be patient while it gets updated.

  • @Algonquin1234 That's not the problem here. I have a backup of the necessary files to downgrade. I did downgrade. Scripthook V is working. Script mods are working. It's only mods installed into the mods folder that aren't. Did you not read my first post?

  • Yet you said the game updated anyway to the newest version. My guess is that maybe just maybe scripthookv might be reading the new files not the old ones. Have you tried deleting the scripthook and installing a new one? It's strange that that's its reading scripts and ASI files but not in mods. You sure you didn't delete OpenIV.ASI while downgrading?

  • @Algonquin1234 Yes, but then I said I downgraded.

  • @IreBurn Have you tried to make a new mods folder just to see if the one you may not work? Maybe something got corrupt while downgrading and it's not working. Does your game crash by any chance since you downgraded?

  • @Algonquin1234 No crash.

  • Okay, we all may have to wait a couple days for the updated script hook but for the time being I figured out a way around this.

    **Disclaimer, this only worked for me as I already have multiple versions of my game saved as backups &/or different modded versions.

    If you have multiple copies of GTA 5, this may work.
    You may want to pull up 2 or 3 File Explore windows for this...

    1. Make a folder and name it GTA Launchers
    2. In that folder, make 2 sub folders called ‘new’ & ‘old’ for new updated and old update
    3. Take everything listed below in the current GTA V directory as 8/11/2020 (or the date that you updated your game) and copy & paste into the new folder for back up purposes.
    4. In the older GTA V directory, copy those exact files and paste them into the ‘old’ folder.
    • You should have 7 files in each folder.
    1. Take the old files and place them into your updated GTA V directory and replace file destinations. This will revert the game back to the old form.

    When the updated script hook comes out, just take all the files from the ‘new’ folder and place them into the updated game directory.

    Files in my GTA V directory that were updated.


    I am not responsible for any issues with your game, this is the step by step that I did and it worked. Hope this helps.

  • @blucker Not a ScripthookV or update problem. Please read my original post.

    @Algonquin1234 So actually the mods folder was working but for some reason my edited control files reverted back to vanilla. Anyway, I'm rebuilding the folder.

  • Can confirm @blucker method works like a charm for the epic games store version. Thank you. For epic games I had no installscript.vdf or GTAVLanguageSelect. Instead the only other updated files were in the .egstore folder which are probably the equivalent to the steam installscript.vdf.

  • I am in the same boat here. I have the steam version.

    My method(used to work fine) was to back up a version of GTAV on a flash drive. Once backed up and mods removed from game folder. I update my game through steam. Once that was finished, I would open the game directory and delete the updated GTAV. After that I would copy and past the older working modded GTAV into the steam game directory. Then once that was done, I launched my game and it worked fine.

    Unfortunately I did this method today and the game would only load if I removed my "mods" folder. Scripts and .asi's work fine. When the "mods" folder is put back, I get an infinite loading screen when I load into story mode. What would be wrong with my "mods" folder since I am using a pre "summer update" game anyway? I don't get it, this worked for me before.

    I just got this game to be smooth and stable again but of course greedstar released an update that everyone will be bored with by the end of next week.

  • @IreBurn
    Hey, I’m having the same issue as you. My previous modded gta will only work if I remove my “mods” folder which defeats the purpose. We’re you able to get it working without redoing the entire “mods” folder? If I have to redo mine it takes around 4-5 hours which sucks and I might as well update my game at that point. Very frustrating. 😔

  • @TrustNo1 Did you replace all four off the exes and the vanilla update.rpf?

  • @IreBurn

    Well, what I did before was take the current modded gtav and back up the entire game on a spare flash drive/stick drive. After that i would let steam update gta until finished. Once that was done, I would go to where gtav is located and delete the updated game and then replace it with my backed up vanilla copy off of the flash drive. Then drag and drop my mods back in the game directory. That process used to work just fine for me until I tried it with this update. Now the game will only load up if I remove my "mods" folder but my scripts and .asi mods are working fine.

    Should I just try to replace the four .exe's and the update.rpf instead?

  • @TrustNo1 Yes. If that doesn't work I don't know what to tell you.

  • @IreBurn
    Yeah, I tried what you suggested and tried launching the game. The dumb ass social club launcher or whatever it is said i needed to "update my game" to continue. This newer launcher is way more aggressive I've noticed. My method used to work flawlessly. I don't understand it. Anyways, might as well just update my game then and look for a day to set aside 4-5 hours for remodding. Ughh...this sucks. Thanks for your input.

  • hey so, I have the same problem, however, I am running the latest version of the game (summer update) with the new script hook V. But unfortunately, my game will not recognise anything in my mods folder at all, I don't want to put my game back to an old version so any ideas on what to do?

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