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Possible to completely disable Social Club?

  • Has anyone come up with a way to completely disable Rockstars Social Club?
    I purchased the pc disk version of this game back in early 2015 and after about 3 months of playing it, it stopped working correctly because of Rockstars constant need to update the game with their crappy servers. I've only managed to play the game a half a dozen times since then.

    The heat death of the universe is more likely than me EVER playing this game online, yet any time I try to start the game is says it need to connect to Rockstars worthless Social Club to download and update some useless garbage that I neither want nor need to play the original game. Their ticket system is a joke, if you don't respond to their reply within 48 hours they consider the issue resolved, even though it might take up to a week for them to respond to you.

    Honestly the only thing worse than Rockstars servers is Steams servers which have managed to be hacked so many times I've lost count, and I had to hire a lawyer to get my information removed from their system.

  • Their latest useless suggestion is to yet again download 90GB of of crap, (I've done this 3 times already, with Rockstars servers that should take about a week,) that I don't want just so I can play the vanilla game.

  • This isn't a game support forum.

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