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Trying to bypass OIV mods to play new version but getting error

  • So I let my game update since my main thing is editing the handling.metas (which should not require scripthook, right?), so I edited the handling for the new DLC cars and I removed the .asi loader from OIV. But now it won't load. I then removed every .asi and other mod file from the game folder and even moved the mods folder out but I keep getting a "corrupt game data" error.

  • @PermissionToLand OpenIV being an asi requires dinput8.dll, the asi loader, in order to function.

    Try verifying your games files. It will download any that are broken and/or missing.

  • @IreBurn So I verified and replaced the necessary files and it booted fine, but then when I tried to simply edit values in the new DLC's handling.meta (not in the mods folder but the actual file), it no longer boots. Why would that be?

  • So it looks like it must be simply the fact that the handling.meta loses encryption by being edited, because I simply opened the file with OIV and closed it without editing anything, so the only change was losing encryption, and it failed to boot with the same "corrupt game data" error.

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