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Script Hook V is not supported for latest Steam Version

  • Hello

    I can't run any mods because Script Hook V is not supported for latest Steam Version 1.0.2060.0

    I tried downgrading my GTA V but it asks me to update my game when I try to run it

    How can I get Script Hook V to work?

  • @Harren just wait until Scripthook is updated

  • @Harren Back up all four of the games exes and update.rpf (not your modded one, vanilla rpf), let the update install, then replace the files from your backup when the update is finished. Steam will think your game is updated because it saves that information in the app manifest file.

  • @IreBurn I just tried that and it says there is a required update when I try to run GTA5 and won't let me continue

  • What if it already updated and you didn't backup those files? I didn't. I need them. Please give them. lol <3

  • @Avantgarde22 I think it's not permitted to share vanilla files. Sorry.

  • @Avantgarde22 just wait for SHV to update. it'll take a few more days

  • @Avantgarde22 if you search hard enough all over the internet you can probably find the files.
    and @drlq99 waiting for SHV is not easy when the author refuses to ever give us an estimated release date. We've been waiting 4 days now and at this point it's unlikely that it will only take "a few more days" (which is already way too long of a wait). It's so frustrating how all GTA V modding depends entirely on just 1 stupid file that stops working after every update.

  • i found them but its extremely hard to prevent the game from telling you either it cant verify the files and needs to update, or "you haven't played offline before and only people who have are allowed to play in offline mode".

    Blade hasn't made a scripthookV update since may and theres no indication that hes ever going to again. I dont see any post saying he would. It seems crazy for thousands and thousands of people to all be completely reliant on one person -- isn't the process of updating scripthook to a new version just boil down to editing some text? He should just leave a guide on how to update shv ourselves so its not all on his shoulders.

    Like what if he died, what would everyone do? Just not play gta v anymore? :/

  • Its like what if the knowledge to run nuclear reactors was all held by one old man who never told anyone how to keep the rods cool and everyone had to get his old body out of bed and roll him over to the reactors to prevent a melt down every 4 months. Then one day he died, and now you have a meltdown on your hands

  • @Avantgarde22 LMAO. But your point is valid though. What if the poor chap passes away? Then what? Enjoying mods is over for life?

  • I am doubtful that he has passed away. It depends on how big the update was that Rockstar implemented and I remember when in early 2019. It took the guy a month to make an update for his script to work. He is probably busy analysing all the changed codes and is researching on what has changes. Its not like Rockstar Games are going to help him out on the changes, he is very much on his own when he does these scripts for us to enjoy. We will just have to wait it out.

  • IKR I ALWAYS SAY THAT @Avantgarde22

  • What people should really be asking is, who will write the SHV for GTA 6 if AB retires or is abducted by aliens.


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