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Engine sounds not louder after mods?

  • Im trying to create a modded engine sounds pack for some DLC cars. For now im starting with the Hellfire. Im increasing the sound of the engine but exporting them out of audacity as a wav with an increase in volume, they continue to sound the same. Im extracting them as WAV with signed 16-bit PCM but theyre not louder. Is there some extra that i have to do to get them working properly?

  • @kwebber321
    I think the files are already about as loud as they can go, but you can boost the volume a bit using:

    Audacity > 'Effect' tab > 'Amplify' (if you tick the 'Allow clipping' tickbox).

    Too much clipping & you will begin to lose sound quality/fidelity.

  • @a63nt-5m1th hey ty for the reply! I actually found your comment from 2 years ago and did exactly that. But the problem is when i replace the sounds in OpenIV, they dont play the correct sounds in-game. I even replaced them with beeping sounds just as a test but they played the default sounds.

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    @kwebber321 I'm currently facing the same problem with the Ruffian bike. Other bikes I'm able to mod the sound, but then on the Ruffian when I mod it like other bikes it reverts to some sort of default. I can silence the file and it works, but any normal mods don't work.

  • @kwebber321
    Just discovered this way of raising the volume of engines last night. Not sure it will help with modded sound file issues, but if you just want vanilla engines louder, it's worth a look :thumbsup:

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