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  • okay so i installed some mods before the update, and my game was auto updated, i went to openiv and there was an option that said to reset my mods folder. So i did so, and i removed all the mods. But when i launched the game without any mods, it crashes when loading into story mode or online too. I tried to reinstall it but still crashes...

  • pls help

  • even if reinstall still cannot work...

  • Of course it doesn't work. Your game is running the newest files, except SHV has not been updated, so the mods won't run. This happens every single time R* releases a new update and why making backups of the game files the update replaces so you can roll back is important.
    Nothing to do until the new SHV releases so you can re-do your mods that you broke by telling OIV to reset your mods folder.

    tldr: user error that only time/patience will fix.

  • uhh but i didnt have shv but still crashes

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