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Project Enhancement V [WIP]

  • Currently Work in Progress

    Join our discord server to stay tuned for more information. I am not very active on GTA V's fourms, so if you have any questions, I am more likely to answer in the discord server below.

    Project Enhancement V


    Project Enhancement V (PEV, formerly known as DTE (Dispatch & Tactics Enhancement V)) is a mod designed to ramp up the difficulty and action that expands on Grand Theft Auto V's dispatch system while staying true to the lore friendly agencies of GTA V's universe.
    It provides a complete rework of AI behaviours for police, security pedestrians and more that refines the experience to enhance the immersion of Grand Theft Auto V's world in order to make it feel more lively.


    A Complete Overhaul to the Dispatch System (For the Full-Release)

    • A whole new dynamic dispatch system built from scratch, expanding R*'s dispatch system to its potential.
    • Encorporates lore friendly agencies with new vehicles and peds across Grand Theft Auto V's universe.
    • New dynamic equipment for law enforcement agencies. At five stars, expect to see helmets, bulletproof vests and tactical leggings.
    • Better transition between each wanted level. Every star now lasts longer to build the rising action to five stars.
    • Law enforcement no longer forget a wanted felon easily. At five stars, expect a manhunt for a long duration of time.
    • Emergency services, such as ambulances and the fire department take much longer to respond to the scene. Making stealth kills more immersive
    • Dynamic difficulty calulations for each wanted level.
    • Helicopters no longer respawn within 30 seconds.

    Stealth is a Fully Functional and Fair Feature

    • Implemented GTA IV styled wanted level radius's. At 3+ stars, you must escape the search perimeter in order to ensure your freedom.
    • Law enforcement no longer has sixth sense and act like they are searching for a wanted fugitive. No more bullshit. No suprises.
    • AI now has realistic preception and senses. You can now sneak behind an AI without alerting them.
    • Gang members no longer broadcasts threats. You can now kill an individual, and the whole block wont be alerted.
    • Suppressed and melee weapons act as such.
    • Only eye-witnesses are able to report crimes to grant a wanted level. Witnesses take longer to dial 911.

    Police and Enemy AI Refined for a More Challenging Approach

    • All enemy AI, such as law enforcement and gangs, are now able to effectively work as a team in tigher formation, and pull downed buddies away to safety.
    • All enemy AI, such as law enforcement and gangs, are now able to flank, climb, pursue on-foot, and take cover much more effectively.
    • Law enforcement can now think better on where you are going after losing sight of you making a turn.
    • Law enforcement, such as cops, swat and the military, will now prefer to arrest the player above 2 stars whether on-foot, or in a vehicle.
    • Law enforcement will now stay on the crime scene much longer.
    • Helicopters now strafe circling the player.
    • Enhanced AI of patrolling security guards, having a larger patrol radius, and will now wait longer before proceeding to the next patrol point.
    • Security now acts as a law enforcement officer, being able to arrest, pursue and more.
    • Each Enemy AI now has its own set of skills, and behaviours.

    Melee Brawls that now Challenge the most Seasoned Players.

    • AI is now more likely to do follow up attacks and combos.
    • AI is now more likely to dodge.
    • AI is now more likely to counter-attack.
    • Fights now last much longer with decreased damage with all melee sources.

    Los Santos is now a much more Lively Place Now.

    • A complete overhaul of the relationships between AI. With realistic gang behaviours, stereotypical hatred towards others... etc.
    • Refined the loadouts to provide a variety of weapons to make the AI more challenging, with a complete overhaul for law enforcement, gangs, security and more peds for their choices of weaponry. Even pedestrains have a slight chance to carry a weapon.
    • Pedestrians wont overreact as much anymore, now requiring more effort from the player to agitate the them.
    • Pedestrians will now react much more realistically towards the player, and the events that surround them. From taking part of brawls, video-taping fights, or watching a car chase unfold between you and the police.
    • Players and pedestrains can now have a much more thorough conversation with eachother.
    • Revamped pedestrain driving behaviours, with enhanced aggressive drivers, truck drivers now make way for emergency services, vehicles driving at different speeds, increased skillgap, change lanes and park more frequently... etc.
    • Enhanced Criminal AI behaviours, allowing them to jack the player's car, and increase unpredictability.
    • Impelmented Criminal AI for gang members, they are now able to conduct criminal activities, and are more active at night.
    • Increased the liklihood of random events unfolding across Los Santos.


    • Trained AI, such as Merryweather, Security, Law Enforcement... now have better aiming posture.
    • Many optional files to configure your needs.
    • Removed player props from being knocked off from a melee source.

    And possibly lots, lots more.

    Screenshots of the WIP dispatch & features being developed.

    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text
    alt text

    Also some videos to help demonstrate the progress of this mod.

    Showcase of Enhanced NOOSE Flanking AI
    Showcase of Enhanced NOOSE Combat AI
    Showcase of Enhanced Police Combat AI

    Dont forget that this is not just a complete police dispatch overhaul but an entire refinement to the existing GTA V world! Did we mention that we brought back GTA IV's wanted search perimeter system? As well as many other features listed above?

    alt text

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