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Weird handling in some add-on cars

  • I have a handling mod called RealisticDrivingV. So handling.meta of the most vanilla cars are modded.

    And I have some add-on cars which uses these values(Not the original values that R* adjusted)
    For example,I have a '70 camaro add-on,but I copy-pasted the handling of the vanilla muscle car ''Declasse Vigero'' to the handling file of the Camaro add on,therefore replaced it.

    THE PROBLEM IS,that this '70 Camaro acts weird while some other cars not.The car is going against G-Forces!

    Lets say you suddenly flat out(floor it, hit the gas fully) when you were going at 30-40 kmh in a loaded up,torquey muscle car.You would have a smile on your face and be proud of yourself that you didnt shat your pants this time,after taming the rear end.But that's not our point.
    The point is,the body of the car would roll to the back right?The stupid car in the game does the opposite.
    A better example is,when Im taking a LEFT turn at a moderate speed,the body of the car rolls at LEFT as well,instead of rolling at the opposite direction of the turn,in this case,It should've been rolling at right.

    So that's the problem,It probably has an easy solution,like replacing some values with their opposites,but I don't know it.
    Any help and advice would be appreciated.

  • @gamerpro023
    Just so you know for future, every vehicle created for GTA V has a different starting point as far as a lot of the handling values are concerned (at least for suspension/centre of mass & such anyway).
    This means you can't copy the full handling from one vehicle to another & get the exact same handling (sometimes it kinda works, but often results in issues like the one you are describing).

    Centre Of Mass:
    The issue you are experiencing is caused because the centre of mass is set too low.
    Like a pendulum is hanging below the vehicle, so that when you turn right, it swings out left, causing the vehicle to roll into the corner rather than out.
    If the centre of mass is set too high, the opposite will happen, usually resulting in it rolling over on corners.

    You will have to tweak the 'handling.meta' 'vecCentreOfMassOffset' 'z=' parameter to find the right value to stop it happening.

          <vecCentreOfMassOffset x="0.000000" y="0.000000" z="Edit this value" />

    Rolling into corner (like you are experiencing) = Raise/increase the 'vecCentreOfMassOffset' 'z=' value

    Rolling over on cornering = Lower/decrease the 'vecCentreOfMassOffset' 'z=' value (can be negative if required)

    For your issue, raise the value in increments of ~0.5 until you find the point where it starts to roll over & then tweak lower in smaller increments until you find the sweet spot.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Great explanation. I find it funny how with certain cars, Rockstar set the center of mass to some absurd position and instead of correcting it in the model, they just use insanely high or low handling values to compensate. Like how the modern police car needs a very low Z value for inertia multiplier to behave the way other cars do. Very weird and seems needlessly redundant to even include the COM or inertia in the model itself.

  • @a63nt-5m1th sorry for the late reply,Thanks for the good explanation :100: I tried to remove the minus in the value,but It didn't changed,maybe even gone worse.I will tweak go with trial and error and get back to you tomorrow.

  • @gamerpro023 I just re-read your comment and I think what you want to flip is actually the Y value, not the Z. Y controls the forward-to-back weight distribution.

  • @gamerpro023
    The worst offset on the 'z' value I've seen was ~8.0 so try giving it +10.0>+20.0 & see if it starts tipping/rolling over on corners & then lower it from there (or continue to raise it if it's still doing the same (try +99.0 just to be sure etc)) :thumbsup:

    If you're still having issues, what Camaro is it exactly? If you can give me your handling values for the Camaro using a codeblock (see below) I'll download it & see what it's doing.

    How to post a codeblock:

    Copy these three lines to txt file etc, overwrite only this line with meta data, copy all & post into forum post.

    Good thought, made me think for a sec :thinking:, but I'm sure it's the 'z' value he needs to edit. :thumbsup:
    If it was 'y' you would usually see it when the car was stationary, it would be tilted forward/back with the suspension squashed down wherever the weight was positioned at front/back or with it permanently doing a wheelie/endo at exteme values.

    The 'z' value set too low can potentially do both left/right leaning in & front/back wheelie/endo (front/back more noticable at extreme values & only noticeable under acceleration/deacceleration. Car appears fine stationary etc):

    'vecCentreOfMassOffset' 'z' value too low characteristics:

    Accelerate = Does endo/front of vehicle goes down
    Brake = Does wheelie/front raises up
    Turn Left = Rolls left (into corner)
    Turn Right = Rolls Right (into corner)

    It's harder to notice the front/back (mostly due to vehicles being physically longer in the that direction), easier to spot the rolling into the corner if the value is just a little off.

  • Ok I changed the z value from -0.1000 ish to 0.6500 ish and It worked,now It handles like It should. Thanks everybody :100:

  • If you're still having issues, what Camaro is it exactly? If you can give me your handling values for the Camaro using a codeblock (see below) I'll download it & see what it's doing.

    I changed Its handling file with a vanilla car(Vigero)But since I use a realistic handling mod(RealisticDrivingV, a must have for petrolheads)for the most of the vanilla cars,It s a custom handling file.

  • @a63nt-5m1th My thinking was that the Y may have been centered, but negative instead of positive, causing it to lean the opposite direction expected.

  • @PermissionToLand
    Weight distibution/vecCentreOfMassOffset is setup like this:

    xyz axis

    so negative 'y' values put the weight to the rear of the vehicle.

    Negative 'y' values around '-0.10' > '-0.15' or there abouts are useful for giving a lot of control over a vehicle for long drifts, by slowing down the initial turn response speed, but keeping the vehicle in a drift position (ie back sliding out) once the drift is initiated. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th It doesn't flip at some point like Z does though? I generally keep it centered for neutral handling and tweak slightly from there. I have noticed moving it back aids drifting and dulls turn-in response though. I used that to make semi trucks less darty on turn-in but I've moved more toward increasing Z for that lately.

  • @PermissionToLand
    I've also added info for others that might happen to read. I'm not intentionally being patronising lol, ignore the stuff you know already :thumbsup:

    @PermissionToLand said in Weird handling in some add-on cars:

    It doesn't flip at some point like Z does though?

    You don't get a clearly defined flip with 'y' 'vecCentreOfMassOffset'. Just from a generally centred point, positive values mean the weight is moved more towards the front of the vehicle & negative values move the weight to the rear of the vehicle.
    Moving weight either positive (front) or negative (back) both happen to slow down initial turning, just like in real life, the fastest initial turn speed is generated when the weight is exactly centered. Why mid-engined real life vehicles are so good at cornering etc.

    @PermissionToLand said in Weird handling in some add-on cars:

    I used that to make semi trucks less darty on turn-in but I've moved more toward increasing Z for that lately

    You mean increasing 'z for' 'vecInertiaMultiplier' there?

    It's just increasing 'z' for 'vecCentreOfMassOffset' will make your vehicle top heavy & want to roll over on cornering (or at extreme values pitch over (endo) on braking & wheelie on acceleration).

    Increasing 'z' for 'vecInertiaMultiplier' however, will slow down turning & make vehicles less 'darty', which sounds a lot more like what you are describing.

  • @a63nt-5m1th said in Weird handling in some add-on cars:

    You mean increasing 'z for' 'vecInertiaMultiplier' there?

    Yes! I should have been clearer. And thank you for the in depth explanation. I just realized I've been mixing up the X and Y inertiamultipliers for a while!

  • @PermissionToLand
    No worries :slight_smile: :thumbsup:, from what I remember, if you push the x & y vecInertiaMultiplier values too high, looking for strong confirmation of their effect etc, they have a habit of getting funky & possibly looking like each other. Easy to get them mixed up in that case :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th More like I was wondering why it wasn't working! Haha

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