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Game crashed when after char. died and load another save game.

  • When first start game in story mode work perfectly but when my character died and loading then crashed and stop working notification appear. Also when I load another save game any from list and loading then same happen. Only works when first start gameplay from click story mode in main menu. Please, anyone knows what mods conflict or broken that make this problem? :frowning2:

  • List of my mods currently used that hope anyone knows to solve my problem:

    • GTA 5 Redux
    • Simple Trainer V
    • Open Interior
    • Skin Control
    • Ghost rider
    • SP Apartment
    • Watch Dog
    • Angry Planes Remake
    • Fight Club
    • Map Editor
    • Build A Mission
    • BloodV
    • Street Racing
    • Drag Meets
    • Fireworks
    • Gym
    • Impromptu Races
    • Meteor
    • More Random Event
    • On foot cinematic cam
    • Pedestrian riot
    • Realistic Nitro
    • Real Paramedic
    • Sitting
    • Vautodrive
    • Working hotdog vendor
    • Car mechanic
    • Premium deluxe Motorsport car dealership
    • Bennys motorwork
    • Control heist vehicle solo
    • enhanced taxi mission
    • Gangs and Turfs
    • Criminal V
    • Quantum Break
    • Animal Ark Shelter
    • Faster AI driver
    • ACS patch
    • mpbikers
    • Airstrike services
    • World of variety

  • No answer, anyone dont know what problem is it? i need help

  • you have backup?

  • @Nafizz96 My first suggestion would be to check the ScriptHook logs to see if there are any errors/crashes. Then check the ScriptHookDotNet logs for the same thing.

    Next you could rename your mods folder to mods-temp or something, that will stop any mods in that folder from loading.

    If that fails, try moving any ASI mods (trainers etc...) from the main GTAV folder and try that.

    If that gives you no answer, move the scripts folder out of your GTAV folder (onto your desktop perhaps), that will stop all the mods in that folder from loading. If everything works, then you know it's definitely a script. If there have been no errors in the logs, then you're going to have to put them back one-by-one and test it until it fails. That will mean creating a new scripts folder in your GTAV folder and then copying them from the one you moved, one at a time.

    The problem is, if it's a conflict between two mods, it could be difficult to find. If you're lucky, the answer will be in the logs, if not, you're going to have to patiently go through your scripts.

    As a helpful hint... I did have problems with the ASC Patch and I know people have had issues with SPA Apartment. I can vouch for OnFoot Cinematic Cam as that's mine, so that should be okay. Beyond that, I can't offer much more I'm afraid.

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