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Random spawn of custom cars

  • Hello fellow 5modders,

    I'm a newcomer into that modding thing, thinking it was time for me to add some thrill to a game I know by heart now... I do have a question that may sound incredibly stupid to you but I can't find the answer anywhere so... When i install a custom car on GTA V, I'm aware i can spawn it myself but if that's not the case, is there any chance I can find it randomly in Los Santos ? I mean is GTA V loading it anyway on a random way ?

    Thank you so much for your help !

  • Yes! the Added Traffic mod is great for this. I use it to spawn DLC cars naturally in traffic. Here is a youtube video on how to configure it also.

  • If you're just talking about new addon cars spawning in traffic, you just need to edit your popgroups file to add the vehicle to normal R* traffic. My Popgroup Editor makes that really easy if you have Excel and have a lot of vehicles to add, if its just one or two then it may be easier to add them manually.

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