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Files have any licens?

  • Hello, files on gta5 mods have any licens? It is this open source? Can I edit something and repost it?


    @bohater13 Read Credits, Permissions and copyright for information about this. Generally talking we always ask uploaders for permission (a proof should be provided) from the original authors of the mods the users take and edit/improve/convert unless those specify in the description what can you do and what not with their mods.

  • Files on GTA5-Mods are copyrighted by their owners just like anything else, and their licenses are decided for each individual file by the author. So if you want to edit a mod, you'll have to check if they say you are allowed to, or you'll have to ask the author directly.

    Most mods do not have a license, so you would have to ask the author.

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