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Add-on weapons

  • Over the course of GTAV modding, I have noticed a lack in add-on weapons, most weapon mods you find are just replaces for weapons, not to mention the lack of documentation of them as well.
    I have released 2 weapons that are add-ons, and let it be known to you that I have also created many other addon weapons that I have not released yet. Most are not released because they use models released from this site. I would like to offer my services to anyone who wishes to make their weapon a working mock of the weapon rather than just simply replacing the weapon. At some point I do plan to release a tutorial or documentation on creating addon weapons.
    Below is an example of a Kar98k mod created by @kingfire .The mod originally replaced the Heavy Shotgun.

    Take a look at the comparison:

    Original Mod: https://www.gta5-mods.com/weapons/kar98k-animated-b2aba691-3859-42d0-a983-c2fc99dfb69a



    If you are interested, feel free to contact me in any way.

  • Thats cool I want to make this rifle addon but I dont know and you make it so good job bro ,so could you tell me please how you make it exactly

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