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An idea for a Shrink ray Mod

  • I think something that could be a fun/funny weapon would be a Shrink Ray.

    It could be a pistol that looks like something out of a cheesy 1950’s science fiction movie. You zap a person with it, and they are reduced to 1/12th scale for a limited amount of time.

    Unlike the Antman Mod, this would be designed to be a Debuff/Punishment rather than a Super power, and as realistic as we can possibly get it(1950s science fiction realistic anyway), so they would move at 1/12th speed, jumping would be reduced too, and animations would be reduced(so they don’t sway from side to side all the time) foot prints would be removed, and it would look, feel, and play as if they were actually small. So they would be at a distinct disadvantage.
    This wouldn’t be just making the player character invisible and putting a tiny model on the ground. This would be making them tiny in every way we can to make it feel like you’re playing in a land of giants.

    The best way i can think to describe it is to imagine how the game would look, play, and feel if the entire world and everything/everyone in it was 12 times larger than you.

    For melee the game would treat them as being on the ground, so melee attacks would stomp/swing down at them.

    The damage they take would be x12(except fire/drowning/fall damage)
    And the damage they do would be none because their weapons didn't shrink with them, so they’re too small to use them(basically they would be set to fist, and the weapon wheel would be disabled) now and their tiny punches and kicks would Hurt about as bad as if you were punched and kicked by a G.I. Joe(aka, not at all)

    They would NOT be able to enter vehicles or drive, so that button would just have to be disabled. Same for things like opening doors and interacting with anything else normal sized.

    They would be able to run under things that are low to the ground though, like cars, park benches, ect.
    But being under those things when the effects wear off would be bad for them.

    Falls would be scaled up too. So falling off a table would be as if they fell off the roof of a building.

    Walking over them would be similar to running them over in a car. Both in impact/damage and also just being able to trap them under your foot by standing on them(as if you parked a car on top of them)

    Maybe later we could add other cool functions to it too like pressing the action button would let you pick them up and mess with them in other ways.
    throwing, stripping, juggling, eating, poking, ect, ect(i’m open to suggestions here).

    I know theres a rule on here that all mods are to be designed for single player use only, and a lot of when i posted above sounds like i want this to be a multiplayer mod, but thats only because i’m also thinking you could also use it on yourself in the single player(with the Suicide shoot self in head animation) and/or if we can get it to work as it should possible Fivem applications because this could be a blast to play with, with friends.

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