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Problem with a custom ped in FiveM.

  • Hi, we have made a custom PED and the ped worked perfectly in GTA 5, but at the time of transferring it to FIVEM, the ped appears with 100 / 200hp.

    All the other characters appear at 100/100, but my ped, for some reason, appears with a higher maximum life, which makes him walk hurt.

    If we send it to the hospital, the PED heals up to 200hp, and when it loses life and heals again, the maximum of 100hp is taken away.

    It is as if it appeared with a life shield (but it is not a bulletproof vest) that when you damage it it does not return until you enter the game again.


    Does anyone have any idea what error we may be making? Is there a file in the ped where you can decide the maximum life or something?

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