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8.16.20 Updated to New Script Hook V (v1.0.2060.0) and GTA V Crashing After Load Screen

  • Hello Everyone,

    After downloading the new Script Hook Update that was released sometime today on Aug 16, 2020. GTA V is suddenly crashing after selecting the story mode option. If anyone is experiencing the same issues and/or has a solution it would be more then beneficial and greatly appreciated. Since this is so recent of an updated release for Script Hook not many videos nor forums speaking on the issue. Also after the game crashes no error messages come up. Feel free to comment.

  • mine is gettin this 'Pattern failed' error message on background

    failed bb ff 01 00 00 4c 89 6d e7 66 23 c8 b8 ff 00 00 00

    while I keep it in background game load up but when start playing or click OK at that error message, the game crash

  • @ArmaniAdnr That's interesting, thank you for the feedback. I'm opening the game through Rockstar Games Launcher, and not seeing any error message after it crashes. Are you using the same thing to open the game?

  • @Jmontana046 fixed my problem with keeping my old 'dinput8.dll'

  • @ArmaniAdnr So not the "dinput8.dll" from the current update? Also where would someone be able to download a previous version?

  • I have the same problem too and tried using an old dinput8.dll with no success, unfortunately. I'll keep an eye out if anything else works for me.

  • @Solhaboy187 Thank you

  • I kept the 'dinput8.dll' and it still crashes on me. Thanks for the suggestion.

  • Did you guys replace your mods folder with the new update files?

  • @Lowseren Good Idea, How can someone go about updating the Mods folder with the new update files? Through OpenIV?

  • You can do this from your directory (steam/steamapps/common/grand theft auto v). You will however lose all your mods so i would back up any important files 😊

  • @Lowseren You are absolutely correct! After updating the mods folder in OpenIV, a message will appear to update that information for you (also alerts you if you dont the game will crash). Most importantly you need to save any Add-On vehicles with the entire dlclist.xml to your Desktop Before you update. If not you will lose all your vehicles. Thank you everyone again for the feedback and help!

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