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Disappearing DLC Cars

  • Its been a year and a half since I've played modded GTAV so I'm probably very out of date on how to mod/fix this issue...so any advice, suggestions or help is greatly appreciated.

    I have scripthook v (latest version released aug 16, 2020) and community scripthook and also enhanced native trainer installed--nothing else yet. When I spawn older dlc cars, they stay, but the newer ones disappear immediately or within a second or two...

    Is this normal or is this fixable? Is there a way to get the newer DLC vehicles to stay and NOT vanish immediately??


  • @vendetta1969
    Yeah, it's normal, you're trainer needs to be updated to stop despawning of the latest patch vehicles/props.

    A good quick fix is to install another trainer (link ordered by 'Latest Version') that has been updated quickly after a patch to stop new DLC despawning. As of now I think only Rampage Trainer has been updated for the newest DLC.
    Depending on how any given trainer implements DLC despawning it may also be possible, once it's installed, to just go back to using your old trainer. Sometimes there is no need to actually use the new trainer, just installing it is enough to fix the issue.
    Worst case, just use the new trainer to spawn new DLC vehicles/props until the one you normally use is updated. :thumbsup:

  • Good morning.

    Sorry to reopen the 2yo thread but i have the exact same problem.. only i never used any trainer or whatever i just add the cars in popgroups so they show up in traffic, but it seems the one that looks like Lambo Urus, the Toros, don't want to be in game, all other dlc vehicles i wrote in popgroups work fine, just this Toros.t xD 2 secs after i spot the car in traffic it just disapear in front of my car, so i downloaded a trainer so i can spawn the car and actually drive it but again 2 seconds after i get inside the vehicle it disapears. Some clues?

    Thanks in advance

  • @Lvsitanvm
    Good morning, no worries, only 2 days old :thumbsup:
    Have you tried Rampage Trainer? (so far, the only trainer I know of confirmed to stop new DLC vehicles disappearing).
    Other than that, I'm not sure, although recently I've seen quite a few people mention disappearing cars in traffic, maybe the new patch broke more than it usually does :rolling_eyes: or like you, those people have added the new DLC vehicles to traffic, but don't have a trainer installed to stop them disappearing etc.

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