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Summer 2020 Car Spawn issues

  • Hi All,

    When ever i want to spawn in the new DLC cars with Menyoo i can use them for 20second and then it disappears.

    Does someone know what to do about this=

  • @bassmake
    You'll have to wait for Menyoo to be updated, but you can also monitor the updates of all trainers (link ordered by 'Latest Versions') & grab & install the first one that is updated to stop the despawning for any DLC as soon as it is released.
    Trainer despawn methods vary, but it may also be possible that just having a trainer installed in your game that's newly updated to stop the new DLC despawning, will stop the vehicles despawning in Menyoo also. So you may not have to actually use the new trainer, just install it & go back to using Menyoo as normal, but without the annoying despawn.

    As of now, it looks like only Rampage Trainer has been updated for the newest patch, try that & see what it does. :thumbsup:

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