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How to install cars with the new update

  • Ok so I installed the new script hook update and cut my game on and my games was mess up so I deleted everything and my mods folder and script folder now and my game is run stable so now my question how do I install cars in stuff now !????

  • Oh. Well it depends. Were your cars add-ons or replacements?

  • I had both installed in my game

  • @Losthegamer01 Ah. Well replace cars should just continue to work as normal, just going in and replacing whichever cars. That should still work, so go ahead and add them back in.

    As for add-on cars...
    Right. Well, when the game updates like this, when you open OpenIV you'll notice it says to copy the new update.rpf, since the other is outdated.

    Before you do so, go into your mods folder and backup whatever changes you made to update.rpf. If it's just add-on cars, all you gotta do is backup dlclist.xml and extratitleupdate.meta. And if any of your car mods wanted you to add a folder to update.rpf/dlc_patch, back those folders up too.

    Now what you gotta do is tell it to copy the new update.rpf over to your mods folder. With that, add back in your dlc_patch folders if you had any.

    Instead, open up your backed-up files in a text editor, like Notepad or Notepad++, whatever. Now take the lines that you added in, highlight them, and copy to clipboard. Then go to the text files in the new update.rpf in your mods folder and add those lines back in.

    Now, the last thing is the gameconfig. Every time the game updates like this, you'll need a new gameconfig. You'll have to wait for someone to make one that supports the latest version. Get one from the Misc tab in the mod site. F7YO's one should work fine, he recently updated his.

    Copy that gameconfig over, and you should be good to run the game. Without it, addon vehicles will crash the game. Also, get the latest Scripthook V, Alexander Blade just released a new version not too long ago.

    And that's it. Run the game and see what happens. That's what I did and it works fine.

  • @mrwallace888 thanks for responding back to me. Ok so I played around with it and was able to add on a car but in game my old add on car list is still there and I don’t know where to go and delete them??? Second why is none of my houses working now I installed the map builder but I try loading a house up with menyoo and the house wouldn’t spawn but the peds did???

  • @Losthegamer01 In terms of the house thing, I've no idea, because I have Map Editor and Menyoo but I never really mess with that stuff really.

    In terms of the car list, what do you mean? Can you clarify a little? What car list?
    I know with Menyoo and stuff if you go to spawn an addon car you can find it in the car lists in each category and whatnot. Is that what you meant?

  • @mrwallace888 ok I figure the house mod out.... now for me to replace cars is it still the same method?

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