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Can't enter Director Mode in 1.0.2060

  • Hello all. New to GTA 5 modding.

    I had the game working fine after downgrading and installing ScriptHook, DotNet, etc. and some add-on peds. When the new ScriptHook was released for 1.0.2060, I updated and the game is able to launch with all mods intact and working.

    However, Director Mode no longer works. Where the game normally asks to make an autosave, I instead get an infinite black loading screen.

    Things I have tried:

    • Trying a few different gameconfigs. The only one that allows the game to launch is this one which I've been using all along.

    • Moving my Documents/Rockstar Games/GTA V/Profiles folder to the desktop. No effect.

    • Closing the game and trying again. Others have fixed this error by closing and reopening the game, but I've done it several times and no dice. I've heard Franklin say "I'mma leave, before you take advantage" more times than I can count.

    • Disabling mods by renaming my mod folder. This lets me launch Director Mode, but... no mods.

    The mods I have are Menyoo, AddonPed, NativeUI, ScriptHook, ScriptHookDotNet, this packfile limit adjuster, this heap adjuster and about a dozen add-on peds. I have the game on Epic Games Store.

  • Menyoo and Addonpeds should still be working since they wouldn't be in the mods folder.

  • True, the menus for Menyoo and AddonPed still appear after disabling the mod folder, but they're a bit pointless without being able to use the add-ons that I want to.

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