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I've weird dudes in white tracksuits appearing instead of rabbits.

  • They are curled up, floating in the air then behave like frightened animals if i disturb them and run off... Any idea how I can go about sorting this?

    So strange!

    EDIT: Also seems to be happening in city backsreets with dif ped model

  • @mpaintz
    Anything like this (see vid in post#4) or this (replacing WOV's 'ambientpedmodelsets.meta' with an older version was the fix for second link).

  • Thanks a63nt-5m1th, tried replacing that file with one from wov7 and no change... Any other ideas?

  • @mpaintz
    Just a few guesses really:

    As long as the game don't crash when you do it, try a vanilla 'ambientpedmodelsets.meta' to see if you can confirm if that file is the issue/part of the issue.

    Maybe look at 'popcycle.dat' also & test setting animals/birds/fish etc to zero (even if just for diagnostic info, does it make a difference etc?).


    peds  Chamberlain_SC 60  Chamberlain_Tramps 20  Chamberlain_Gang 10 Birds_City 10


    peds  Chamberlain_SC 70  Chamberlain_Tramps 20  Chamberlain_Gang 10 Birds_City 00

    Note: Keep the total ped number for any one line (100 in this case) the same. If you take 20 from birds, add 20 (in total) to other peds in the same line.

    Any chance you've got a backup of the older 'ambientpedmodelsets.meta' you mention in this thread you could share?
    Or any other info that might help. Cheers :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th I'm sory but I mentioned it in that thread that I would like to upload it to help others, but any admin responded to it with allowing me it, so I don't wanna break the rules as it's file from others author mod :pensive: if any admin write that I can upload it, I will be glad to do it to help you guys who still have this problem.

    And as I mentioned, if I remember good, I was not able to find which line was causing it so that's why I used whole file from older version ( in bigger mods and tools as WOV, Trainer, gameconfig etc I always keep one older version for case that I found some minor bug like this later which I didn't notice during testing new version)

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