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Restoring the Undead Streets Mod

  • Hello everyone! If you enjoy zombie mods, you are probably familiar with Undead Streets, one of the latest GTA zombie mods that mysteriously vanished without a trace. Fortunately, the source code was restored on GitHub and is awaiting a programmer to expand on it and update it. I've also created a new Undead Streets channel on my Discord server. I've also uploaded a short video on my YouTube channel where I explain what happened and what the future looks like for Undead Streets. It sucks when a mod like this that has so much potential is completely discontinued and removed. I really thought that Undead Streets would be the next Simple Zombies, but it was taken down before it even got a chance. I'll leave the links for everything down below:

    Undead Streets Source Code: https://github.com/Stahlhelm-TV/Undead-Streets-Source

    Undead Streets Discord Channel: https://discord.gg/BEAMcGH

    Undead Streets Video:

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