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Custom model (ymap) won't load from mid air?

  • Hi,

    I'm working on a big island far away in the sea and while traveling there on a boat or using noclip, all works fine.

    But whenever I'm trying to fly there, ymaps with drawing distance lower that basic terrain (which is visible from original game island) won't load until I am actually sitting on the ground. After that, everything appears as it should.

    It's very frustrating, as I would want to utilize this as a big expansion for logistical RP on FiveM server. I am not sure, but I believe this might be fixable somewhere in ymap attributes. But don't know where to start, everything seems to be pretty much the same, settings wise.

    To wrap it up:

    Far away island on the see has lodDist value 20 000
    Anything else, that is not required to be visible from other mainland has lodDist value up to 4000 and doesn't show unless I'm already standing on the ground (and not closing in from mid air).


    Thank you

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