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help with the rockstar launcher cant load modded game after updat.

  • Hi, I've just updated my game after rockstar said to download the new launcher on,14.08.2020 after doing so I cant play gta5 with mods anymore as the launcher keeps checking for mods and now I've found out it won't let you play offline anymore either.
    can someone help me play the mods again and bypass this launcher by rockstar, please?

  • You mean the launcher keeps updating the game files to back to Vanilla? If that's the case, you are modding the game wrong. Never mod Vanilla files. Make a mods folder and copy the update.rpf file into it and mod it there. It won't check for files. If you get the message saying that there are files that could get you banned coming from the launcher, just ignore it. Don't play online is all it takes.

  • thanks for that ill give it a go now and see I'm missing it lol.

  • @Algonquin1234 I've just done what you said to put the update.RPF into the mods folder, come to start it with no internet and it directs me straight to the new launcher, so I've tried to start the game from there with the internet off and it says offline mode no connection and nothing I can't start it the way I used to because of this new launcher that's like steam where it loads your games up and you have to launch them from there I'm not sure if everyone has had this yet. also what else goes in the mods folder, please.

  • Yeah. The new launcher prevents you from loading the game in offline mode. I think it's to prevent piracy. They want you online forcefully to confirm 100% it's a legit copy. It's a bunch of bs. Any mod that requires a change in files you would put into the mods folder. For example, a mod says you need to extract a file into the common.rpf files. So you would copy that into the mods folder and edit it using OpenIV. If you want to edit any sounds, copy the X64 file in the GTA V root directory and paste into the mods folder. Honestly, it depends on the mod what to put into the mods folder.

  • @Algonquin1234 still no joy they piss me off what harm are we doing when we are offline, do I have to put scripthook v and others into the mods folder as my game is retail with the disks and I need to get past the launcher I've also got my car mods in the dlc folder too will they be ok there .

  • @keirona hi bro I've managed to get offline and the ENTtrainer works like all the others just that the trainer won't spawn any modded cars I obviously think I've got to change a path somewhere is it in the DLC list you have to tell the game where the cars are.

  • @keirona No. Put scripthookV.dll in the GTA V directory. Where GTA V.exe is. You're going to have to install your car mods into the mods folder again as they won't be detected in the vanilla game files. Edit the DLC list to include the cars in dlclist.xlm in update> update.rpf> common>data>then dlclist.xlm. Put the addon cars in update>x64>dlcpacks

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