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GTA5 crash with no mods and online is flashing

  • Hi guys, i need some help with my game. Since the last update my game was not working properly so i decided to do a fresh clean installation of mods but the problem is that i dont have installed any mode yet and my game is crashing the only thing i have put in the game is the ScriptHookV and the scriptHookVDoNet also the Heap Adjuster PackfileLimitAdjuster and a new GTAV config file. After put those and enter the game at the start it gives me a patern alert pop up window. And after 1min gaming it craches and gives me a BroadcastEvent Windows. But thats not all all the peds in the game became construction workers. I put here to photos so you can see

    But thats not all, when i try to play the online game it looks like is flashing like lits beeps of flash.

    Can someone help please? At least with the mod version

  • @Rego Are you saying you're going online with ScripthookV.dll and ScriptHookDotNet.dll installed in your game directory? That could get you banned.

  • @Algonquin1234 No. i have separated folders, one for the mods and the original one to go online.

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