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Searching modders for revive a dead mod.

  • Hello, my name is WinterNightST, im searching mods that can make a zombie mod for gta v, better than simple zombies, there was one we were making called Undead Streets but the dev dissapeared with the mod and the discord, it was top 5 so its kinda sad. The idea is to make a zombie survival mod with the features of simplezombies and make it even better with new features like zombie dogs or more atmosphere. But to make it first we need modders that would like to help us on the progress of the mod. There is already a plenty of people who wants it and who is concerned about the dissapearance of the mod.

    Thanks for reading, if you have a question or request you can send me an md BS | WinterNightST#1329

  • @Winternightst or if he cant help you contact me etc lol

  • so if you guys want to join the discord server here is the link hope we see you there :D https://discord.gg/EUkZ2C

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