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Animation mod (Help me find)

  • I remember there was a mod that was making you and npc use animation and scene spots like sit on a chair or lean on railings.

    It also had an option to warp you to the animation marker so you don't destroy the spot (like preventing pushing the chair while trying to sit) and allows you to go normally inaccessible places like balcony.

    Been trying to find it for a day but couldn't so far :/ Can anyone share me the link if you know or find it. Much appreciated in advance.

  • Come on guys :( Like none of you ever saw this mod? :/ I really need it to be able to sit on the chair in front of Starbucks or Malibu pier and drink my mocha you know :/

  • Banned

  • @InfiniteQuestion Not that one :/ The one I mentioned was a lot more complex. To explain further, there are invisible animation/scenario spots around the map. For example at the beach, there are spots that spawning npcs on them makes them do sunbathing.

    So this mod was making you and any npc you aiming use those animation/scenario spots. It also had an option to instantly teleport you to the nearest spot rather than make you walk towards it. It was made so you don't push the chairs while walking and destroy the animation spots, or so you can use the animation spots that is normally inaccessible for example smoking on the balcony.

  • @Dogamizer Oh damn. Yup it's that oh my :O Thank you thank you thank you so much.. Also I hate when people use so irrelevant names in the mod title makes it too difficult to find in search :( I mean yeah it kinda relevant since you doing the ped "stuff" but it could be "Do Ped Animations" instead since the whole point of the mod is make you do their animation... Very bad..

    I'm very much happy and appreciated everyone who landed a hand for me. I really really needed that mod, now I can properly sit at Starbucks and enjoy my ice mocha and my grilled yummy fish at Santa Monica and Malibu pier :blush: :yum:

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