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Where are the idle/walking animation files for protoganists and generic npcs?

  • So I use addon peds mod to play with better people. It's wonderful I might add. Also had this mod called Character Swap which changing your character hash to another character (Micheal in my case) and allows you to play missions (also you can use the money as well). Which also totally great.

    However where the annoying problem coming is, when I change my character hash to any protoganist, my character's idle pose changing to respective protoganist and starts doing their idle animations (ugh :/ ). Also I think it's also changing my walking style as well. So bad to see Tifa doing those.... weird.. awkward... horrific...... idle animations which I would prefer eating a cuban sigar rather than seeing her like that...

    So the long story short, I need help with finding those animations and then need to replace them with the animations addon characters using (which I don't know where they are either...... I mean it's using generic civilian female but bruh, where the hell is it....).

    Anyone have some free time to help this poor soul? Very much gladly appreciated in advance and may the force be with you frens :vulcan:

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