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Dublicate vehicle remover (can't find it :/ )

  • Recently I saw a mod on the site that was replacing the duplicate vehicle with another vehicle but I can't seem to find it now. It was like 3 or 4 weeks ago I saw that, give or take.

    If anyone remembers the name could you please share. Would be very appreciated, I have so many duplicate cars spawning in the traffic even with 3.0 variety setting :/

  • @Aurora11
    Maybe this mod (updated March 2020) or this older 2015 one?
    Alternatively, have a read of this post & restrict those vehicles manually :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Oh that one https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/traffic-spawner-modded-traffic-fix-alphazolam . It's just so weird though I remember seeing that mod in latest files category :O Probably I confused it with something else.

    It's just really bad though people not using proper keyword in the title :/ Like the whole purpose of the mod is to counter duplicate vehicle spawn system but there is no such "duplicate" word in title. Ugh :( Very greatly appreciated though and I will also definetly try your method as well. Also thanks to reading your method now, I realize why police5 was spawning 90% of the time despite I have 4 other vehicles in vehiclesets which also each one has at least 2 duplicate lines to increase the chances. The damn thing's frequency set to 999 ugh. I guess such a high value has more control over the vehiclesets of dispatch.meta. Very nice and good to know that, I was had to just remove that car from my game at the end lol.

  • @a63nt-5m1th I have tried the values but one or more of them causing that vehicle not to spawn at all unfortunately :/

    I'm not sure what's wrong though. These were the values I put;
    <identicalModelSpawnDistance value="100" />
    <maxNumOfSameColor value="0" />
    <frequency value="30" />
    <maxNum value="2" /

    Also tried <maxNumOfSameColor value="0" /> but no luck :( Tomorrow I will try to increase maxNum value to 3 and then 4. If wont work gonna make the color value 2 and if that doesn't work either gonna increase the frequeny. Basically gonna do some trial and error test runs and hope I can make it happen without increasing maxnum value above 3 :D

  • @Aurora11

    Some Info/Ideas:
    For the 'frequency value' it can depend on what a lot of other vehicles are set at.
    If the average of other vehicles is 99 etc, you'll hardly ever see a vehicle set to 30.
    Have a look at other 'frequency value's of vehicles in the same class as the one you are editing & balance them/raise the vehicle you are editing to a similar value etc.
    The 'frequency value' & GTA V's vehicle spawning has a lot of other variables going on in the background too. It's likely you'll need to tweak values until you find the right ones for your game.

    If you set the 'vehicles.meta' '<swankness>' value to '5' it also makes the vehicle very rare to spawn (like almost never spawns), so have a look at that & lower the value to '4' if needed.

    Also, syntax check the 'vehicles.meta' you edited.
    I'm presuming the site removed the last '>' from this line:

    <maxNum value="2" /

    but if not, a syntax error like that might cause a vehicle to not appear.

    Easy way to find syntax errors:
    If you use 'Edit' (right-click file>'Edit' or 'Ctrl+Enter') to open a file using OpenIV, a '[</> XML]' button will appear at the top when you are in the file. Tap that button & OpenIV will check the file for syntax errors & take you to where it thinks the error is if it finds one.

    Fullproof Spawn Checking Method:
    One way of checking spawning for sure, is to empty 'popgroups.ymt' & 'vehiclemodelsets.meta' (keeping backups obvs) & make the vehicle you are testing the only vehicle spawning in popgroups & see if it turns up in-game :thumbsup:

    To save you some time, here are the two files with all the vehicles removed, just add your vehicle to 'popgroups.ymt' (add lots of them to each vehicle group if you like) & drag & drop both files into the correct locations in OpenIV. Then test to see if that vehicle appears in-game?
    If it does appear, then you know it's spawning is fine & it's most likely just a frequency value issue. :thumbsup:

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    @Aurora11 In my mod Enhanced population, I have vehicle.meta files with all the spawn values set the same.


    You can use this as a template for testing. All the vehicle.meta files have been standardized.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Yeah, that's pretty much the route I took with my game as well :thumbsup:
    Remove as many variables as possible etc.

  • @InfiniteQuestion @a63nt-5m1th I have removed other vehicles from popgroups though. Set it only to spawn my dlc and replace cars and edited their values manually one by one. The values I posted are set for the every vehicle in popgroups. Only my addon bikes have frequency value 20 as difference. The rest is completely same.

    Also to create a testing ground, I left only 1 vehicle in veh_poor , veh_mid and veh_rich category (each one is different) and removed other categories so the game only spawns those 3 cars and I can see when I find the correct values.

    Today I changed the values to this;
    <identicalModelSpawnDistance value="20" />
    <maxNumOfSameColor value="2" />
    <frequency value="60" />
    <maxNum value="4" />

    I saw them now spawning but very very rarely and their spawn zones are not correct. For example veh_rich spawning in Sandy Shores too... Also the identical distance are quite far apart from each others, like 2 blocks away at Mirror Park and Beverly Hills area.
    Maybe my variety setting has something to do with this. Currently it's set to 2.0, I will try with 0 and see will it have any effect.
    Going to be keep trying and hope I can find the correct values :D Otherwise I will just use that duplicate replacer mod but got no idea which vehicles I should put in replace pool either :D Becuse I got like 50 cars in veh_rich category and let's say I put them all inside the mod's replace pool, I don't know can the mod find enough cars replace every duplicate car from that pool :P Might as well include bicycle, bikes and police cars too maybe.

  • @Aurora11

    Have a look in 'popcycle.dat' to see the ratio of veh_rich/mid/poor for any given area.
    veh_rich & such vehicles aren't explicitly locked to certain areas, just probably more likely to appear there, but can drive into any area etc. The frequency value no doubt plays a part too, no matter what area you are in.
    Keyhole settings in gameconfig.xml will also affect how far out cars can spawn & thus, affect what you see in certain areas by the time you drive there etc.
    The VehicleSpacing_0>15_Base areas of spawn (in gameconfig) are dropped all over the map in different areas. To me it looks like R* took very little care to have certain set areas be unique, that disregard for any kind of ordered method may also apply to popcycle.dat & such areas to some degree as well.
    Also, as mentioned, swankness value '5' affects spawn rate, so other values (1>4) may also have a part to play in what appears where etc & there could well be hidden flags & other variables too.

    So yeah, just play around with what you've got until you get what you want, there's probably no better method :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th 40 veh_rich and 20 veh_mid at the Downtown area in my popcycle. Basically I made the top area of the city to all the way to Galilelo Observotary is more rich and less mid.

    Bottom city (below the highway goes through inside) 40 veh_mid and 20 veh_poor.

    The very bottom around port and docks 20 mid 20 poor.

    Blaine county is 40 min 15 poor.

    Sandy Shores 20 mid 40 poor.

    but I still seeing veh_rich vehicles there too. Maybe when I include all of the vehicles their frequency wil be a lot lower. Because there are only a few vehicles spawning at the moment.

    I used Swankness 5 but I think other values being low still causing the car not spawn at all :/

  • @Aurora11 said in Dublicate vehicle remover (can't find it :/ ):

    Maybe when I include all of the vehicles their frequency wil be a lot lower

    There's a good chance that's the case. GTA V has a lot of redundancy built into it. If it can't find something ideal, it often falls back to using whatever it can.

    Upload your 'popcycle.dat' to Mediafire or some other file upload site, just so I can have a look at it. Thanks :thumbsup:

    Not sure what effect they actually have, but there are also the 'FLAG_RICH_CAR/FLAG_AVERAGE_CAR/FLAG_POOR_CAR' flags in 'vehicles.meta'.
    They might play a part in spawning or helping the game identify vehicles, amongst other things.

    Also, did you try only putting that one car (that doesn't appear to spawn) in 'popgroups.ymt' & seeing if it spawns at all then? Fill each of the '<vehGroups>' with it & set it's 'vehicles.meta' to something like this beforehand:

          <identicalModelSpawnDistance value="5" />
          <maxNumOfSameColor value="20" />
          <frequency value="999" />
          <swankness>SWANKNESS_1</swankness> <!-- edited to '1' as per  @InfiniteQuestion's info below -->
          <maxNum value="999" />

  • @a63nt-5m1th Yup it spawns with those values. When I lower it to minimum value,
    identical... 130
    maxnumsamecolor 0
    freq 30
    swankness 5
    maxnum 2

    It doesn't naturally spawn but I found something that if I spawn it myself and drive around, I'm seeing it spawning naturally as well but only the one I'm currently driving. If I spawn another car, it's despawning those and starts spawning that one instead.

    The other values I made (slight increase)
    identical 20
    maxcolor 2
    freq 50
    maxnum 4

    It very rarely spawning but I'm seeing them parked at some parking spots.


    I'm using their brand and models in the name of my addon cars so you can very easily spot them in popgroups. This is the latest one with my few new changes. I will try changing the vehicles.meta of the cars I put to spawn to maxcolor 2 and maxnum 4 so will let the game to be able to spawn all of them and see how it goes. With maxcolor 0 maxnum 2 though it doesn't spawn anytthing (tried with all vehicles included in popgroups as well). Maybe with slight value increase it can start spawning them as well.

    My main problem is the Titan X I had is dead and I'm trying to play with 980m right now and getting 15-20 fps only :/ So I decided to do some screenarchery but when the game loads too many of those new addon and replace cars, fps goes down to like 5 and it's starting to randomly removing objects around the area and changing building and some vehicle textures to low quality version.
    I had to use Menyoo's Decrease Vehicle Population option to have a bit more performance, above 20 fps I mean :P Of course I'm disabling it when I want to take some photos at Downtown area so there will be dense traffic.

  • @Aurora11
    For your 'popcycle.dat' the values after 'cars' in any one line need to add up to 100 :thumbsup:

    Example (yours):


    56+30+2+1+5+5+2 = 101 (remove one to fix)

    Example (fixed):


    56+30+2+1+4+5+2 = 100 :thumbsup:

    That might be introducing a variable that is throwing off your resultant spawns, so needs to be fixed for all lines.

    Values after 'peds' & before 'cars' work on the same principle (have to add up to 100), had a quick look & they look fine, but you might want to double-check them if you have edited them.

  • @a63nt-5m1th Oh. Sure I will check them all one by one to be sure they don't exceed 100 or stays below it. Thank you very much :)

  • @Aurora11
    I would probably compare the totals in any one line to the totals in a vanilla 'popcycle.dat' & stick to using those values (at least until you diagnose all spawn related issues).
    Most add up to 100, but some odd ones like cult & hippy add up to 90 for cars, which doesn't look right, but I guess R* did it for some reason?!

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    @Aurora11 Set the cars swankness to 1. After alot of experimenting with traffic values the lower the swankness the higher chance you will see them. I had all mine set to 5, but only very few would spawn. As soon as it was set to 1, it would spawn.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Did you happen to confirm a variation in spawn frequency in all/some of the values between 1 & 5?
    I only verified 5 making them rare & didn't test any other values. Just wondering, useful to know etc :thumbsup:

  • Banned

    @a63nt-5m1th Can't say for sure, 5 had no cars on the road, 2 - 4 had varying degrees, but on 1 it set the spawn to what I'd expected. I have since set every car to 1 and haven't changed. Also you are correct about the car flags. To get them to spawn as I wanted in the popgroups I set every car to have the rich and poor tags. Not sure how much effect this has (everything is just a variable in the formula) but after setting these values the scramjet started spawning regularly in vinewood area so I stuck with it.

  • @InfiniteQuestion @a63nt-5m1th Alrighty. Imma set the dlc cars' swankness to 1 instead.

    I had their flags done by the by, at least all of the rich category cars. Except a few, all of my adon cars are high end top tier cars and I paid good amount of attention and time with their metas. I mean all of the metas.

    From custom headlight color and corona color to first person camera position both for driver and passenger along with their first person phone position. Didn't spend that much time and detail to every car of course but like 10 of them I spent couple of days to perfect them. For the flags though I made all 60 dlc cars' flags properly along with the vehicle class type as well.

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