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Need help with Vehicle Audio (Obey Rocoto)

  • I need help with replacing vehicle audio, I am trying to replace audio files for Obey Rocoto from about 2 hours, but without success, i don't know which file in Streamed_Vehicles_Granular.rpf Rocoto use, biggest problem is that Rocoto uses most generic engine sound in game, listening to game audio takes too long. For this moment i replaced 10 vehicle sounds and still nothing :(

  • @ProPlayer2137
    I'm devising a new technique for figuring out exactly what engine sound file any particular vehicle in the game uses, hopefully we can help each other out :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    It's still in the early testing stages, but indicates that the Rocoto uses this file:


    Perhaps you could test that, & if it works, let me know :thumbsup:

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    @a63nt-5m1th would this particular technique be used to understand blank audio hashes and why some sounds can't be heard?

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    I'm not sure, just beginning to get an idea of how the vehicles are connected to certain audio files. Totally in my element tho, hopefully found something new to dig into & try & figure out how it works :slight_smile: :thumbsup:, so you never know what might pop up.

    Where are the blank audio hashes? If they are the ones in 'vehicles.meta' a blank 'audioNameHash' line like this:

          <audioNameHash />

    just means the 'audioNameHash' is the same as the vehicle's 'modelName'


    Are the sounds that can't be heard ones that you have edited or vanilla ones? The only time I've had a engine sound be silent is when I've downloaded an add-on that uses a dlc engine sound from a dlc that I've disabled.
    Give me a bit more info & I'll have a better idea of what you mean :thumbsup:

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    @a63nt-5m1th what I mean is, let's say I want to change my audio to an Adder, ya the game just looks for the audio file Adder, but for a normal car that's blank, so no name, it points to a file that describes the engine and not the car name. So how does the game know what audio file to use if the car name doesn't match the engine name?

    Related to an audio problem I'm having when DLC audios get modified, it somehow broke that connection between the name of the car and the name of the engine audio file. Not sure if any of that made sense.

  • @InfiniteQuestion said in Need help with Vehicle Audio (Obey Rocoto):

    but for a normal car that's blank, so no name

    What do you mean there? How do you mean 'blank'?
    A car has to have a 'modelName' or it won't spawn. The only cars that have names that the game doesn't natively understand, are add-ons & it that case you have to put something into the 'audioNameHash' line which tells it what audio to use.

    So all you are doing is editing the files in the dlc '.awc' & that is causing the engine sound for the dlc vehicle to become silent? I wonder if R* have somehow changed the constraints on some of the dlc audio files so they have more restrictions on what you can do with them?

    Have you tried an straight import/export (in whatever audio editor you are using) without editing anything else about the files to see if that works?

    Is it the volume you are changing? Because I have had silence issues with certain audio files when I tried to make them louder (or quieter), like there was an invisible limit to how far you could push them either way, before they would just cut out & become silent in-game.

    If when you replace the edited files back to the vanilla ones, they start working again, I can only think the issue is in the edits made to the file/s. Some additional R* restrictions/constraints that make editing them trickier etc.

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    @a63nt-5m1th ok ill start off again. On my mod I have increased the volume of the DLC vehicles. The DLC vehicles are fine, the ones with name.awc but I have been told by multiple people for some reason it breaks cars that use a blank audio hash. So the cars that use DLC sounds work, which are modded, but it breaks the regular sounds that are not modded. I can only trace it to the cars that have a blank audio hash, the ones that refer to enginesound.awc in the x64 directories. I know the game has name references and hash references, so maybe changing the DLC changes the hash of all audio leading to non DLC cars having no sound.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Ok, so editing the dlc engine sounds causes other vehicles with blank 'audioNameHash' lines, not from that dlc & that get their engine sounds from files like 'musclecar_1_us_v8.awc' etc to lose their sound instead?
    Aye, that's a weird one :neutral_face:

    Have you confirmed the issue in your game, or is it just some people that are affected?

    Also, if the 'audioNameHash' line of a silent car is filled with it's name, does it get it's sound back?

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    @a63nt-5m1th I just started looking into it, trying to make a list of all cars that work and all that doesn't. Would be helpful if I knew what cars used what sounds, but it's not straight since ya like your example they are engine sounds, not names. I'll do some more testing tomorrow, no access to gta right now (modding withdraws, life responsibilities)

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    I need to confirm my process is correct, at the moment I'm doing what we did with OpenIV's Hash Generator in the other thread, but this time the other way around, where I have to guess what 'hash_B4D51AE7' etc might be & then put guesses into the Hash Generator & see if I get the right hash back lol :dizzy_face:.

    Send me a list sometime of all the vehicle's that you want to know the '.awc' files for & I'll send you back a list if/when I confirm I'm correct in my assumptions.
    You've given me a good idea, I should be able to confirm my process with the vehicles that use their own name '.awc's ('sanchez.awc/marshall.awc' etc). Cheers :thumbsup:

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Made a few tutorials outlining the most prominent parts of what I discovered last night.

    I think the third one will be of particular interest to you, given it will probably offer you a solution to your dlc blank audio hash issue & if you want it, a whole new way of editing GTA sounds :thumbsup:

    They all follow the same basic procedure. It looks complicated, I couldn't help that :slight_smile:, but once you do it once or twice it becomes second nature & super easy. :thumbsup:

  • I didn't tested it already, but I am going to, I was in other part of my country for 2 days, btw First tuto in your last post should be useful for me in future, i didn't knew which hash in rel files coresponds to which car.

    Edit: It was mine main problem, btw R* logic, V8 Car (Engine under hood looks like V8) uses Inline 4 sound, I was replacing every V8/B6/V6 sounds which sounded similar.

    Edit: DLC Cars got their sound in their own AWC file, for example if you want replace Issi Sport (Issi7) sound you must search for Issi7.awc in dlc folder, but i think you know it already, you had too long conversation and am lazy.

  • @ProPlayer2137
    Let us know how you get on with the Rocoto :thumbsup:
    Pretty confident of the process I used to find the engine sound now, everything I've thrown at it has worked out & given me the right result.

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    @ProPlayer2137 the file you are looking for the Rocoto is sportscar_4_eur_4_cyl. I just deleted the file and it was silence in game.

    @a63nt-5m1th I just tried to increase the volume on the Adder. Found the value, increased it to 100, 300, 500, 1000, and I couldn't hear any sound increase. Any additional files I have to edit? Also looking at the lines above the master volume, if i can get it to work it would only increase the engine and exhaust accel?

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    I found this posted on the Discord, thought this would be a great place to have it for a reference.

    adder supercar_4_eur_v8
    akuma 1000cc_racebike_2
    alpha sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    apc truck_large_2_eur_6cyl
    asea hatchback_4_eur_4_cyl
    asea2 hatchback_4_eur_4_cyl
    asterope saloon_8_eur_flat_6
    bagger chopper_1
    baller suv_5_us_v8
    baller2 suv_5_us_v8
    banshee supercar_8_us_v8
    banshee2 supercar_14_us_v10
    bati v_twin_2
    bati2 v_twin_2
    bf400 dirtbike_1_500cc
    bfinjection camper_van
    bifta sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    bison suv_2_us_v8
    bison2 suv_2_us_v8
    bison3 suv_2_us_v8
    bjxl suv_5_us_v8
    blade musclecar_4_us_v8
    blazer sanchez
    blazer2 sanchez
    blazer3 chopper_3
    blista hatchback_3_eur_4cyl
    blista2 sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    blista3 sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    bobcatxl suv_2_us_v8
    bodhi2 suv_2_us_v8
    boxville camper_van
    boxville2 camper_van
    boxville3 camper_van
    boxville4 camper_van
    brawler musclecar_7_us_v8
    btype2 musclecar_8_us_v8_halloween
    buccaneer musclecar_4_us_v8
    buccaneer2 musclecar_4_us_v8
    buccaneer2 musclecar_4_us_v8
    buffalo sports_saloon_2_eur_5cyl
    buffalo2 musclecar_3_us_v8
    buffalo3 musclecar_3_us_v8
    bullet sportscar_7_eur_v8
    burrito van_1_eur_4cyl
    burrito2 van_1_eur_4cyl
    burrito3 van_1_eur_4cyl
    burrito4 van_1_eur_4cyl
    burrito5 van_1_eur_4cyl
    camper camper_van
    caracara2 suv_2_us_v8
    carbonizzare supercar_2_eur_v8
    carbonrs 1000cc_racebike_2
    cavalcade suv_1_eur_v6
    cavalcade2 suv_1_eur_v6
    cheetah supercar_3_eur_v8
    chino musclecar_6_us_v8
    cogcabrio supercar_1_eur_flat6
    comet2 supercar_1_eur_flat6
    coquette supercar_7_us_v8
    coquette2 muscle_car_2_us_v8
    coquette3 supercar_12_us_v8
    crusader suv_1_eur_v6
    daemon chopper_3
    deathbike chopper_1
    deathbike2 chopper_1
    deathbike3 chopper_1
    dilettante saloon_3_jp_v6_hybrid
    dilettante2 saloon_3_jp_v6_hybrid
    dinghy hatchback_4_eur_4_cyl
    dinghy3 hatchback_4_eur_4_cyl
    dinghy4 hatchback_4_eur_4_cyl
    dloader van_1_eur_4cyl
    dominator muscle_car_2_us_v8
    dominator2 muscle_car_2_us_v8
    double 1000cc_racebike_2
    dubsta suv_2_us_v8
    dubsta2 suv_2_us_v8
    dubsta3 suv_2_us_v8
    dukes muscle_car_2_us_v8
    dukes2 marshall
    dune camper_van
    elegy2 supercar_5_jp_v6
    emperor musclecar_4_us_v8
    emperor2 musclecar_4_us_v8
    emperor3 musclecar_4_us_v8
    enduro sanchez
    entityxf sportscar_6_eur_4cyl
    esskey 1100cc_racebike_5
    exemplar supercar_6_eur_v8
    f620 supercar_6_eur_v8
    fbi sports_saloon_2_eur_5cyl
    fbi2 suv_2_us_v8
    fbiold sports_saloon_1_eur_4cyl
    felon sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    felon2 sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    feltzer2 supercar_2_eur_v8
    feltzer3 eu_vintage_s6_2
    fq2 supercar_1_eur_flat6
    fugitive musclecar_3_us_v8
    furoregt sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    fusilade sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    futo sportscar_4_eur_4_cyl
    gargoyle chopper_1
    gauntlet musclecar_3_us_v8
    gauntlet2 supercar_6_eur_v8
    gburrito van_1_eur_4cyl
    gburrito2 van_1_eur_4cyl
    glendale suv_2_us_v8
    granger suv_2_us_v8
    gresley sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    guardian suv_2_us_v8
    habanero hatchback_1_eur_4_cyl
    hakuchou 1000cc_racebike_2
    halftrack truck_large_2_eur_6cyl
    hauler2 truck_large_3_eur_v8
    hexer chopper_3
    hotknife muscle_car_2_us_v8
    huntley suv_5_us_v8
    infernus supercar_3_eur_v8
    ingot saloon_5_eur_flat_6
    innovation chopper_1
    insurgent suv_1_eur_v6
    insurgent2 suv_1_eur_v6
    intruder supercar_5_jp_v6
    issi2 hatchback_1_eur_4_cyl
    jackal sports_saloon_2_eur_5cyl
    jb700 eu_vintage_s6
    jester supercar_7_us_v8
    jester2 supercar_7_us_v8
    jetmax sportscar_7_eur_v8
    journey camper_van
    kalahari chopper_2
    khamelion sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    kuruma sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    kuruma2 sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    landstalker suv_1_eur_v6
    lguard suv_2_us_v8
    limo2 sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    lurcher musclecar_4_us_v8
    manana musclecar_4_us_v8
    manchez dirtbike_1_500cc
    marquis sportscar_7_eur_v8
    marshall marshall
    massacro supercar_6_eur_v8
    massacro2 supercar_6_eur_v8
    mesa suv_5_us_v8
    mesa2 suv_5_us_v8
    mesa3 suv_5_us_v8
    minivan saloon_2_eur_v6
    minivan2 saloon_2_eur_v6
    monroe sportscar_1_eur_4cyl
    moonbeam sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    moonbeam2 sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    nemesis 600cc_racebike
    ninef sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    ninef2 supercar_4_eur_v8
    oracle saloon_3_jp_v6_hybrid
    oracle2 supercar_5_jp_v6
    osiris supercar_11_eur_v8
    panto saloon_3_jp_v6_hybrid
    patriot suv_2_us_v8
    patriot2 suv_2_us_v8
    pcj 600cc_racebike
    penumbra sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    peyote saloon_6_us_v8
    phantom3 truck_large_3_eur_v8
    phoenix muscle_car_2_us_v8
    picador musclecar_3_us_v8
    pigalle sportscar_8_eur_v6
    police saloon_7_us_v8
    police2 sports_saloon_2_eur_5cyl
    police3 sports_saloon_2_eur_5cyl
    police4 saloon_7_us_v8
    policeb chopper_1
    policeold1 suv_2_us_v8
    policeold2 saloon_1_eur_4cyl
    pony van_1_eur_4cyl
    pony2 van_1_eur_4cyl
    prairie sportscar_4_eur_4_cyl
    pranger suv_2_us_v8
    predator supercar_4_eur_v8
    premier saloon_8_eur_flat_6
    primo saloon_2_eur_v6
    primo saloon_2_eur_v6
    radi hatchback_5_eur_4_cyl
    rancherxl suv_1_eur_v6
    rancherxl2 suv_1_eur_v6
    rapidgt supercar_6_eur_v8
    rapidgt2 supercar_6_eur_v8
    ratbike chopper_6
    ratloader saloon_4_eur_4cyl
    rebel saloon_4_eur_4cyl
    rebel2 suv_1_eur_v6
    regina saloon_6_us_v8
    rhapsody hatchback_3_eur_4cyl
    rocoto sportscar_4_eur_4_cyl
    romero saloon_2_eur_v6
    ruffian v_twin_1
    ruiner muscle_car_2_us_v8
    rumpo van_1_eur_4cyl
    rumpo2 van_1_eur_4cyl
    sabregt musclecar_3_us_v8
    sadler suv_2_us_v8
    sadler2 suv_2_us_v8
    sanchez sanchez
    sandking suv_1_eur_v6
    sandking2 suv_1_eur_v6
    schafter2 sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    schwarzer supercar_9_eur_v8
    seashark sportscar_3_eur_4_cyl
    seashark2 v_twin_2
    seashark3 sportscar_3_eur_4_cyl
    seminole saloon_5_eur_flat_6
    sentinel sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    sentinel2 sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    serrano hatchback_2_eur_4cyl
    serrano2 hatchback_2_eur_4cyl
    sheriff saloon_7_us_v8
    sheriff2 suv_2_us_v8
    slamvan2 musclecar_6_us_v8
    sovereign chopper_1
    speeder2 supercar_4_eur_v8
    speedo van_1_eur_4cyl
    speedo2 van_1_eur_4cyl
    speedo3 van_1_eur_4cyl
    speedo4 van_1_eur_4cyl
    speedo4 van_1_eur_4cyl
    squalo supercar_2_eur_v8
    stalion musclecar_4_us_v8
    stalion2 musclecar_4_us_v8
    stanier saloon_7_us_v8
    stinger sportscar_3_eur_4_cyl
    stingergt sportscar_3_eur_4_cyl
    stratum saloon_1_eur_4cyl
    stretch supercar_5_jp_v6
    submersible 1000cc_racebike_1
    submersible2 1000cc_racebike_1
    sultan sports_saloon_3_pj_6cyl
    sultanrs sports_saloon_4_jp_flat4
    superd supercar_1_eur_flat6
    surano sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    surfer camper_van
    surfer2 camper_van
    surge saloon_3_jp_v6_hybrid
    t20 supercar_10_eur_v10
    taco camper_van
    tailgater sportscar_5_eur_6_cyl
    tampa muscle_car_2_us_v8
    taxi saloon_1_eur_4cyl
    technical suv_1_eur_v6
    thrust v_twin_2
    tornado sportscar_7_eur_v8
    tornado2 sportscar_7_eur_v8
    tornado3 sportscar_7_eur_v8
    tornado4 sportscar_7_eur_v8
    towtruck2 van_1_eur_4cyl
    tropic sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    tropic2 sportscar_2_eur_5cyl
    turismor supercar_2_eur_v8
    vacca supercar_3_eur_v8
    vader 600cc_racebike
    vigero muscle_car_2_us_v8
    virgo musclecar_5_us_v8
    voodoo musclecar_4_us_v8
    voodoo2 musclecar_4_us_v8
    vortex 1100cc_racebike_4
    warrener saloon_4_eur_4cyl
    washington saloon_5_eur_flat_6
    windsor sportscar_10_eur_v8
    wolfsbane chopper_6
    youga van_1_eur_4cyl
    zentorno supercar_3_eur_v8
    zion supercar_5_jp_v6
    zion2 supercar_5_jp_v6
    zombiea chopper_4
    zombieb chopper_4
    ztype muscle_car_2_us_v8


    sports_saloon_1_eur_4cyl # used by fbiold
    truck_large_1_us_v12 - broken
    truck_medium_us_6cyl - broken

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Tested the adder & it defo works for me (try '9999' to confirm. As well as making it louder it will distort the audio, add a little reverb & make the sound of npc adders unmissable, just keep your speaker volume low to start with :thumbsup:)

    Make sure you are in the right place, the adder's 'VehicleEngineGranular/MasterVolume' should look like this:

      <Item type="VehicleEngineGranular" ntOffset="364388">
       <Unk00 value="0xAAAAA955" />
       <MasterVolume value="0" />
       <Unk04 value="0" />
       <Unk05 value="0" />
       <Unk06 value="0" />
       <Unk07 value="0" />
       <Unk08 value="0" />
       <Unk09 value="0" />
       <Unk10 value="0" />
       <Unk11 value="0" />
       <Unk12 value="0" />
       <Unk13 value="600" />
       <Unk14 value="600" />

    Also, make sure you are editing the files in:

    ...\mods\update\ update.rpf \x64\audio\config (ie not '...\mods\x64\audio\audio_rel.rpf\config') :thumbsup:

    I've edited the tut to make that clearer.

    Pretty sure the 'MasterVolume' only affects the volume of the sounds mentioned in the 'VehicleEngineGranular' section. So yeah, just engine & exhaust (for both player & npc vehicles).

  • How do I upload things to gta 5 I dont have online so is that why

  • @SidedMonk445175
    Better off creating your own thread to ask questions in, that way the title will appear & people are more likely to see it.
    Also, include as much info as possible in your post, be detailed about what you are trying to do & the issue you are having. Don't spare the keyboard, the more info the better & the more likely someone will be able to give you a quick answer :thumbsup:

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