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Outline for creating custom characters? Film | 3ds Max | how?

  • Hi,

    I'm looking for information on how to get a custom made character into GTA 5 for cinematic / film use. For example; say i build a custom .. IronMan (one i make myself) in 3ds Max; what process do i need to take to get him into GTA as a character i can interactive with?

    I have a strong understanding of VFX, 3d, animation etc (my job) .. just no clue about the GTA mod world :) Honestly given there's so many custom made characters available, i thought tutorials on the subject of creating them would be more available, seems not.

    So .. so i create the character in Max, then some how bind the mesh to an existing skeleton in GTA? Or export a character from GTA then replace the mesh / skin and resave it?

    I'm also curious if there's ways to get animation data into GTA? i see in Menyoo i can add a custom animation, but no further information on how this needs to be prepared.

    Doing all this for a film project, aiming to use the editor etc

    Thanks in advance. Any direction would be appreciated :)


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