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[HANDLING][RELEASED] Aquaphobic's Realistic Handling Pack

  • Most other handling mods left me unsatisfied, so I took it upon myself to create handling mods that make use of other driver/vehicle-oriented scripts, mostly by ikt.

    This results in a car that handles as close as it could to its real performance, thanks to custom transmission setups that allowed me to give vehicles their real gearing on top of accurate times.

    I also support proper custom granular engine sound mods made for lore-friendly vehicles such as the works of LamboFreak, to further enhance the driving experiences of certain vehicles, where all available vanilla engine sounds just aren't on point.

    What's Menyoo for? A while ago, I met a user by the name of nyconing on this site and on Discord, who reviewed my early misguided attempts at handling. After some general tips he also let me in on something no one else seems to have picked up on - By having Menyoo set car-specific Horsepower and Torque multipliers, one can make engine power in this game be a little more fluid and rev-based, as opposed to the highly torque-based vanilla setup. While I mark Menyoo as a required mod, you can still run the handling without it, but performance may vary.

    Special thanks to Killatomate's Realistic Driving V mod for laying the benchmarks of how to make vehicles perform in a manner leaning towards realism within the handling.meta file.

    Get the mod and links to the required mods here: https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/realistic-handling-packs


    :clown: is there where we request the other odd 2500+ to be done too?

    keep it up!

  • @ReNNie sure unless its a wannabe suv crossover offroad "coupe"

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