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How to import/save my online character to trainer?

  • I have tried recreating my online character with some mods but couldn't manage to get it done the same :/

    I tried using director mode and saved my character to Menyoo but when I change my model with Menyoo afterwards, it looks totally different. Also tried saving it to Menyoo at online but it didn't change anything :(

    Tried Skin Ripper mod as well. Well, I have managed to get it completed by going to online at Creator mode but the problem is I don't know how to use any of those values in the log file. Asked this in Skin Ripper's comments but no one said anything.

    Anywho, how can I properly save my mp female character to trainer and change my model properly?

    Since I'm playing with addon peds, this thing kinda became obsolete for me but there are some nicey the fancy clothing mods I saw for mp female characters and maybe, maybe might use it one day. Maybe I never will :P

    Also dropping the link of my skin ripper log in case anyone can convert it to usable with Menyoo or something else.


  • 1.Download https://www.gta5-mods.com/scripts/simple-trainer-for-gtav
    2.Start the game
    3.Open director mode
    4.Select your character
    5.Open the trainer
    6.Go to player model section and press detect mp character
    7.Character should get some changes (the hair color most likely won't be the same but you can tweak that manually)
    8.Open menyoo's spooner
    9.Clone your own entity
    10.Save the outfit of the clone
    11.Now you have your character in menyoo

  • @HeySlickThatsMe Thank you for your help but it didn't properly worked unfortunately :/ It's only detecting the clothes but the face looks completely different than my online character :( I mean hair I can change myself too it's easy but others... :((((

    Is it possible to import these values in my SkinRipper.log file to anything? It's really so awkward I must say Skin Control doesn't have any option to import those and I'm starting to wander why this Skin Ripper mod been made at the first place if there is nothing that can import and apply those values... It's like giving someone a super car for free but the car uses a fuel that doesn't exist in the galaxy...

    I really hope there is something that can import and apply these values though :/

  • What about Skin Control?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @Rstein Tried it at online too. It's not properly saving either :/ I downloaded some pre made mp female characters and looked at their files but I still can't understand where do I need to put the values in SkinRipper.log . I did some trial and errors but none of them ended as success :( I wish those 2 mods would use the same layout, then I could easily put my values into it :(

    @rerovoice I could't quite understand what you mean :/


    @rerovoice Don't hijack someone's thread, if you're making a request, you can start a new topic in request

  • @Aurora11 Try the Skin Control Mod, the same thing happens to me with the Menyoo, once you save your MP Player from there you can use it from the Skin Control itself and also with the Enchanced Native Trainer, obviously, if you save it as character. If you want to have him as an ally, take him out duplicate with the Director Mod and then recruit him using the Bodyguard Menu

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