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eunos cosmo.

  • Very rare and uncommon car, would love to finally play a game where I can drive my dream car!

  • My sight stolen from me, I never saw him coming when he shoved his cock deep into my mouth in one hard thrust. I gagged on impulse, and my eyes watered with the utter shock of having him - hot, hard and huge - in my mouth. Heat rose in my belly, echoing in my clit between my legs. I could feel every inch of him on my tongue - his taste, his scent, entirely consuming me. He withdrew from my mouth, only to push deeper this time, almost all of his length in mouth, brushing the back of my throat.

    "You're going to give me your throat, Lia. Now," he panted, his hands fisting in my hair roughly as he withdrew his cock again.

    He delved in, hard and fast and so incredibly hard on my tongue. This time, I felt him in my throat, making me gag a little again, but I controlled it nicely. I could handle it. He began to fuck my mouth like he had promised to do my pussy -- a hard, unrelenting and unmerciful rhythm. This was a man who knew what he wanted, was used to taking it the way he wanted and he certainly fucked like it.

    Tears welled in my eyes at the choking assault on my throat, making it impossible for me to breathe deeply. Thick saliva mixed with his precum coated my mouth, strings of it attached to the head of his cock visible whenever he pulled out before slamming back in. His balls slammed against my chin each time, with each thrust. I was so wet -- I could feel the moisture on my inner thighs.
    My head swam with dizziness at the inability to breathe properly all the while Jaime grunted and panted. He was close -- I could feel it in the tightening of his balls.

    "I'm going to cum," he said with a particularly hard thrust that made the tears escape my eyes, flowing freely down the side of my face, soaking my blindfold.

    He thrusted one final time, pushing his entire cock in my mouth as he did so before he came. He growled my name when his cum shot down my throat, forcing me to take it. It was the sweetest thing to hear in the world.

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