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Problem While playing

  • Here's a thing, Before this summer update it was working so well,

    And when this Summer update approached, Its getting hang after 5mins, And its using Shared system memory instead of Dedicated Video Memory....

    I tried everything Uninstall and reinstall drivers Force options Overclocked Lower settings CLEAN Windows 10 install

    Steam games perfectly works 60fps and loading speed is good.

    Except GTA 5 is not like before when this summer update came.

    It completely freezes and got nothing to do but Hard restart button.

    Note : Game is using Shared system memory instead of dedicated video memory.

    Any fix ?

  • @AnseJerrix
    Not sure how to fix, but doesn't look like you're the only one with this or similar issues.

    A Few ideas:
    Check your GPU driver profile (Nvidia & AMD instuctions) & your Windows App Profile for GTA V is set to High Performance.

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