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(Preview) Supercars City Store (.ymap)

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    The WRKHRD Group brings the super sports cars back to the city. We are currently building the new super sports car City Store in Los Santos.
    Subscribe now and enjoy the City Store soon.

    • HQ detailed interior (showroom, office, meeting room)
    • HQ exterior (glass / aluminum mix)
    • Movable glass doors
    • Moving access gate
    • Completely illuminated
    • Individual exterior logo
    • Hybrid script solution with Auto Dealers [.NET]
    • and much more

    ⚠️ New updates coming soon. Check https://www.patreon.com/wrkhrdmods.
    Besides the showroom there will be an additional function to buy cars in the store.


    @WRKHRD Are you going to upload all the mods that you'll upload in your Patreon for free on 5Mods after 1 month (1 month after every Patreon mod release respectively, not all the patreon uploads in just 1 month)?

  • @WRKHRD said in (Preview) Supercars City Store (.ymap):

    Auto Dealers [.NET]


    I publish some mods (like this one) as basic variant on GTA5-mods.com. That means without addons, without scripts and so on.

    On Patreon there will be a pre-release of the premium versions at the same time, which are even bigger, more detailed and have much more functions. Furthermore we will create extensions to other very good mods on GTA5-mods, as addon. And yes...there will be future pre-releases of the free versions on Patreon :100: .

  • When is the release the one on patreon :pray:

  • hey is this done ?i want to purchase it

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