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Request for a little help

  • Hey guys, sorry if this sounds I'm not the most experienced/adventurous modder in the world, and you're all infinitely more knowledgeable than i am about it.

    Ever since the new update none of my modded cars are showing up in native trainer or enhanced native trainer. I have quite a few cars on there and everything was running smoothly beforehand. My mods folder on openiv is purple as per usual, i assume meaning that it recognises it, but for some reason i just can't see any of my modded cars in there. When I go to 'added cars', it's just a list of the new cars that they've brought in with the new update. They don't show up if i search them by name on the trainer either.

    A while ago i downloaded some stuff to do with heap etc since i was having problems with having too many cars, and after that everything was ok up until the recent update. I went on openiv after the update and it gave me a prompt about updating my mods folder which i did, but the problem persists. Everything else in the game works absolutely fine. I only have car mods on the game so would really like to get them back!

    Could anyone help me or point me in the direction of some files i should DL to get it working again please?

  • did you remember to add your dlclist.xml again? after update it resets to default after updating your mods folder! you can use a tool like https://www.gta5-mods.com/tools/yet-another-dlclisteditor to generate it for you if you have alot :) good luck!

  • @v1r Thanks for the response! i actually found this out yesterday, just happened to go on the file and everything had changed. Decided to start from fresh and add a bunch of mods in, hopefully it doesn't flip again!

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