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How can I make the dashboard parts to be illuminated?

  • I am having some kind of lightning issue with this mod :/ https://www.gta5-mods.com/vehicles/2019-bmw-m8

    So the problem I am experiencing is; I was always thought the RPM dial on the dashboard wasn't working until today, until I found out they do but.. Well... This is where the problem comes :/ They have no illumination at all and aside from that they are like extremely dimmed. Today I happened to find a position at night where I noticed this at night when I turned off my headlights.

    RPM, digital speed dial and currently listening radio are completely darkened on the dashboard. Gear indicator and headsup display are ok, they are glowing. Except the radio is still dimmed at headsup display too. Turning on the headlights which also turns on dashboard light makes these 3 are completely invisible because the light are masking them even more :(

    I am using VisualV's visualsettings so I don't think it's about a lightning issue. I believe they are just dimmed or the author forgot to illuminate them maybe? Here are some screenshot showing it.

    My question is, is it possible to make these illuminated?

  • @Aurora11
    Ignore, see next post :thumbsup:

    Only by changing the colour can I make them brighter. They just don't want to get any brighter as red for some reason & just turn white, but seem bright enough if White/Grey, Yellow/Orange, Blue/Green or bright Green etc.

    I'll try a few other things & see what I can suss out :thinking:.

  • @Aurora11
    Cracked it :slight_smile: :thumbsup:

    Experimented with the various dash/window hud colours & I think this looks best (the colours on the dash are tied to the window HUD colours as well, ie the dash gear, digital speedo & radio box are controlled by the same colour setting as the hud radio box & speedo, so I chose the colour that let everything be readable & not too bright or view obscuring etc) :thumbsup:

    Bright Dials & Headlights ON:

    Dial Lights Fixed

    Here is a '.rar' containing the edited 'bmwm8.yft', 'bmwm8_hi.yft' & 'bmwm8.ytd'.
    Backup your 'dlc.rpf' & then test them out (might look very slightly different depending on what timecycle you have installed etc).

    If you want the rest of the dash display & red button lights back to the original brighter ones (I slightly reduced their brightness), just replace my 'amg_m8_dash' & 'bmw_m8_symbols_on' textures with the original ones. :thumbsup:

  • @a63nt-5m1th Wow this is so awesome :DD Thank you so so so much fren, you are a true life saver :DDD <3

    It looks so purrfect now <3

    alt text

  • Banned

    @a63nt-5m1th Can you desribe what you changed to get the interior looking that way? I think I have the same problem on my car.

  • @InfiniteQuestion
    Sure :thumbsup:

    Basically, export the vehicle's '.yft's to '.yft.xml' using Codewalker's RPF Explorer (always get Codewalker from the Codewalker Discord as the one on this site is out of date & missing features of the newer version).
    Find the corresponding 'vehicle_dash_emissive' shader section. There are usually a few of them for the different parts.

    The 'DiffuseSampler' texture name in any one section usually gives you a hint (in this case 'script_rt_dials_race'):

    	      <Item name="DiffuseSampler" type="Texture">	

    but sometimes there are multiple sections using the same stuff & you have to experiment & load the game to identify which is which. (Hint: Editing the various 'matDiffuseColor' lines to different colours can help identify each of them).

    After you identify the correct section you can edit the 'matDiffuseColor' line to your colour/brightness of choice:

          <Item name="matDiffuseColor" type="Vector" x="3" y="0" z="0" w="0" /> <!-- Red -->

    x = Red
    y = Green
    z = Blue

    The higher the number the brighter that colour will be.
    Equal red & green make yellow etc

    w = presume this is alpha/brightness/saturation or something.

    I was trying to stop things getting too bright at that point, so never really experimented with raising the 'w' value much. Tried '1' or '2' & didn't see much difference, so just left it at '0'.

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