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[ Tutorial ] - How to create your own uninstaller for any '.oiv'

  • There are multiple ways of doing this, but I'll quickly run through what is probably the easiest way for you to follow & for me to explain.

    The big advantage to doing this manually yourself over using a mod author provided oiv uninstaller is that you can be sure that you reinstall the correct versions of the files for your game & no file information will be missing etc.
    If for example, the mod author provides older files that happen to have been updated with added information by a recent patch etc. Using their uninstaller, you will install the older version/s of the file/s & have information missing, which could lead to any & all kinds of issues depending on the file.

    This process will work whether you have installed the '.oiv' already of not. In fact, it's probably easier doing it after you have installed the original (less chance of getting mixed up between two copies of the '.oiv' & installing the wrong one etc).


    • Download & install 7zip.
    • Right-click the '.oiv' & select '7zip' > 'Open archive'.
    • Open the 'assembly.xml' within the 7zip window.
    • Use the '<content>' section in 'assembly.xml' to tell you the names of the files, their '.oiv' 'content' folder (next to 'assembly.xml') location & where they are installed in-game.


    <content> <!-- '<content>' section start  -->
    <archive path="update\x64\dlcpacks\mpapartment\dlc.rpf" createIfNotExist="true" type="RPF7"> <!-- the path to the in-game '.rpf' archive the '.oiv' source files are installed into -->
    <add source="mpapartment\x64\audio\config\dlcapartment_game.dat151.rel">\x64\audio\config\dlcapartment_game.dat151.rel</add> <!-- first folder path (in red here) is the '.oiv' 'content' folder file path of the source file to be installed. The second folder path (black) is the in-game folder path within/below the '.rpf' (outlined in '<archive path=' above) that the '.oiv' source file is to be installed to -->

    So for this example, the 'dlcapartment_game.dat151.rel' file, located here within the '.oiv':


    will be installed in-game here:


    • Using the '<content>' section in 'assembly.xml' as a guide, find a file in the 7zip folder structure.
    • Moving to OpenIV, use the Ctrl+F3 search to search the vanilla game folder ('Search area: Search in game folder only' in OpenIV search box dropdown) for that exact file & open it's in-game location.
    • Using drag & drop, first drag the file out of OpenIV & onto the Desktop/a Windows folder & then drag it from there into 7zip overwriting the one in the '.oiv' by confirming the file copy dialog that appears.
    • After you have overwritten all the files, or just the files you want to return to vanilla, just close the 7zip window & then reinstall the new edited '.oiv' as you normally would.

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